Kanyiba Kanyi’s Widow Wants to See Commitments in Motion

Isatou Kanyi

The window of missing opposition UDP supporter Kanyiba Kanyi has urged the Gambia government to translate commitments to action and resolutions to solutions as victims of the two-decade Jammeh tyranny continue to wallow in silent pain.

Isatou Kanyi last saw her husband several years ago and neither she nor the two children she had with him, can establish Mr. Kanyi’s whereabouts.

Madame Kanyi is still asking questions about her husband and was given renewed hope of finding closure on Wednesday when the Gambia government accepted 95% of TRRC recommendations.

“I’m satisfied with the government White Paper. If commitments are put into motion, the victim community will be very much delighted,” she told TAT a few minutes after the publication of the TRRC White Paper at Sir DK Jawara Conference Centre in Bijilo.

According to Madam Kanyi, the road to justice and closure is long.

“We’ve been crying quietly for many years now and the sooner we find answers, the better,” she stated.

However, the widow of the disappeared Kanyiba Kanyi has not lost faith in the government’s expressed sincerity in bringing them answers, justice, and possibly closure.

“It’s heartwarming to see government integrate us into their victim-oriented programs. That’s quite pleasing even though it cannot end our trauma but it will ameliorate it,” she acknowledged.

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