African Journalists in Exile

In Hounded: African Journalists in Exile, 16 African journalists share accounts of how their unrelenting conviction to tell the truth forced them to flee their homelands. Some of the contributors – editors, journalists and bloggers who hail from West, Central, East and Southern Africa – remain in exile for telling the truth. “Power hates scrutiny,” Hounded editor Joseph Odindo writes. It is apt. Why else are there journalists in Africa and other parts of the world threatened for doing their job? Then there are those who have “disappeared” or been murdered. Others “slipped away to continue the struggle at great personal risk,” writes exiled Cameroonian journalist Mimi Mefo Takambou who now plies her trade in a newsroom in Germany. As Odindo observes, this book is both a tribute of record and history. History rhymes eerily for African journalists who continue to be hounded to this day.