Adama Bojang: ‘I want to leave my mark’

Steve Biko striker Adama Bojang

By: Baboucarr Fallaboweh

Alkamba Times caught up with Gambia U20 and Steve Biko striker Adama Bojang who scored thrice as Biko’s impressive found continued with their 4-1 win over Brikama Utd.

“We always intend to move the team forward and contend for the league title this year as we want to be champions. We will take it game by game. We will fight for it again this season, and I’m eyeing the Golden Boot. Last year, I tried that, but I still need to complete the season.

I want this to be my last season in the GFF,” He told TAT Sports.

Bojang’s record-breaking exploits continued as the Bakau community came in large numbers to support Steve Biko’s first home game.

“When it comes to football, Bakau has a rich football history. Those who live in Bakau know that our home games will be our advantage. People will come in their numbers. Even your family will come, that is a big thing. Going for away games is always difficult because not everyone has the means.”

Bojang has 14 top-flight goals, 28 goals, and 15 assists for Steve Biko.

He said Friday’s heroic hat trick is remarkable as he eyes the AFCON U20.

“Scoring four goals in the first two league matches is a big thing. It will add a lot. We are young players, and having those records is great. When you see certain people in the park, you know there is a reason for their presence; that’s a great motivation.”

“I know our U20 has had successful moments in this competition. It’s not easy, but preparation is in high gear; everyone is pushing, and we are preparing mentally. Representing your country means going the extra mile. It’s not an opportunity given to everyone,” he added.

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