BSAC Replies to D30M Mishandling of Tax Funds

Omar Drammeh, PRO BSAC

By: Foday Manneh

The management of Basse Area Council has responded to alleged fiscal mishandling with a press release clarifying a report of the Alkamba Times over the misappropriation of D30 million by the council.

“We want the general public to know that the report is not complete as per the mandate of the committee that was looking at the council’s income and expenditure,” BSAC said in a dispatch.

Contrary to the TAT report generated from the findings of the council’s subcommittee, BSAC says none of its staff was held or reprimanded for corruption.

“As far as the council is concerned, we will not compromise the council’s integrity at any given time.”

However, the council confirmed that the exercise was done by heads of council subcommittees upon a request from the Chairman of the finance committee to ascertain the income and expenditure.

“The report is not yet complete, and people involved are not financial experts nor specialized auditors.” The presser added.

The council underscored that they had requested the services of internal auditors to audit their financial transactions before the current board ends its term.
That exercise was done in October 2022, and the council is awaiting the release of the report to taxpayers.

The BsAC also denied findings that the Council’s Director of Finance, Lamin Susso, withdrew over D2 million without any reason, saying “it is not true” as he is yet to confirm this allegation.

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