Gambia Government Vows to Bridge Banjul Barra Ferry Crossing Point

The Minister of Transport, Works and Infrastructure, EBRIMA Sillah

By: Aleu Ceesay

The Minister of Transport, Works, and Infrastructure, Ebrima Sillah, has announced the government plan to bridge the Banjul Barra ferry crossing point to alleviate the poor ferry service delivery experienced by commuters from Banjul Barra.

According to the transport minister, the initiative is part of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) corridor project.

“The long-term strategic goal of the Gambia government is to bridge Banjul Barra; the feasibility studies have started; this is an ECOWAS project Lagos, Abuja, Dakar ECOWAS corridor project which the Gambia is part of.”

He made this remark on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024, during a signing ceremony for two new ferries purchased by the central government of the Gambia and the Islamic Development Bank. Each of these two ferries cost 11,850,000 euros. Equivalent to D859,836802.84

After Minister Sillah made this remark, a National Assembly Member for Central Badibu took the podium and called on the government to fast-track the bridge process, as bridging Banjul Barra could be the lasting solution to traveling from Banjul to Barra.

Meanwhile, the newly signed contract for the new ferries will be in the Gambian water in the next 16 months.

Port Authorities boss Ousman Jobarteh, said the two new ferries are modern types,

“Things like the toilet facilities, positioning, and other features would be improved in these two new ferries, and they will not only run on diesel power but also use clean energy to sustain the environment,” Managing Director Jobarteh said.

Director Jobarteh apologizes to the commuters for the unavailability of ferry services. Neither the Kunta Kinteh nor the Kanilai ferries are functioning.

For her side, Rohey Malick Lowe, the Mayoress of Banjul City Council, urges users of the new ferries to take ownership of the ferries: “If the ferries come, let every Gambian take the ownership of these ferries, do not see the ferries as own by GPA as you all can see without ferry we are all frustrate about it.”


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