Gambian Journalist Sarjo Brito Travels To U.S. To Cover Midterm Elections

Journalist Sarjo Brito
Gambian Journalist Sarjo Brito, is among twenty-four (24) international journalists, who have traveled to the United States to cover the 2022 Midterm Elections. Sarjo was nominated by the United States Embassy in Banjul, to participate in the reporting tour.
The program is organized by the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Press Centers (FPC), and is being offered to print, radio, online, and TV journalists.
Participating international journalists will visit key battleground states in the U.S., including Arizona and North Carolina. They will be introduced to the national political scene of the U.S., and meet with Republican and Democratic party representatives, issue advocacy groups, think tank experts, and pollsters.
They will learn about the issues driving the political debate in 2022 and gain a richer understanding of the American political process. The FPC will provide a broad overview of the midterm elections process, and the high profile congressional and gubernatorial races.
Sarjo is a Sub-Editor at The Fatu Network, one of the leading Gambian online media platforms, and was selected in January 2022, to virtually cover the Midterm elections.
Source: US Embassy, Banjul 


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