Govt Spokesperson Says Suspect Will Receive Legal Aid And A Fair Trial

The alleged suspect Ousainou Bojang

The Government Spokesperson, Ebrima G. Sankareh, has said The Gambia government will provide legal to the alleged shooter in Tuesday night’s killing of two police officers.

“President Barrow has assured that under our democratic dispensation, every person accused, no matter how heinous their alleged crime or crimes, will be accorded their rights to legal representation and go through legal cycle as in all democracy,” he said.

Sankareh was speaking on West Coast Radio Coffee Time Thursday morning following the arrest of the suspected shooter.

A man called Ousainou Bojang, a native of Brufut who is in custody, has been identified as the alleged killer by the police.

After shooting three police officers, killing two, and critically wounding the third, he fled. He was later captured in the southern Senegalese village of Jululung Casamance, not far from the frontier with Gambia.

Sankareh said Bojang is being held at a secret location for his safety and is cooperating with the police and giving details about the incident.

“Bojang is currently in a secure location where he is helping with investigations. We will not name the location for his safety because he has angered many people and emotions nationwide.

“The police high command has also been very open about it. They’ve revealed that Bojang has been exceptionally cooperative during questioning, yielding much-needed information and excellent leads.

“The alleged gunman has taken the police on a trail of discovery. His boots have been recovered. His booty, the money he was paid for this assignment, and the get-away car have all been recovered.

“He is also helping investigators recover the murder weapon. He also led investigators to the hotel or lodge where he and other accomplices were lodged by their hirers,” Sankareh revealed.

Meanwhile, a Gambian political commentator, Coach Pa Samba Jow, has said that justice must be seen to take its course.

“Like most if not all Gambians, I want justice to be served and swift. We must all remember that we live in a democracy where every accused person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

“We must allow the judicial system for justice to take its course. Every Gambian is almost emotional to the extent that people are calling for the death penalty, an eye for an eye, but whatever is done, must be done with due regard to the laws of our country.”


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