KMRFA Commences Regional Third-Division Qualifiers

Pa Amat Foon

By: Pa Barrow

Kanifing Municipality Regional Football Association (KMRFA) has started its 2023 Regional Third Division qualifiers within the region as teams fight for a place in the Regional Third Division proper for the upcoming Third Division season.

Sixty teams have fulfilled the criteria set by the organizing committee responsible for the qualifiers as they battle for two spots available for grabs in the upcoming annual league season.

They will compete among themselves with the two best teams to be promoted to the Regional Divisional football after the qualifiers.

“It is good to start the qualifiers at this time as most Nawetan centers within the region have completed their nawetan football. Therefore, teams registered for the qualifiers will have ample time to prepare for their matches rather than thinking about nawetan and qualifiers simultaneously. Most players in the nawetan will be the same players playing in the qualifiers for their teams in the Third Division,” Pa Amat Foon told Alkamba Times Sports.

“Most of the time, you find it is challenging to play qualifying matches in some of the grounds without security, but we have not encountered any significant problems since the commencement of the qualifiers. The teams are really coping, and matches are running smoothly in all the venues,” Amat added.

“Two teams were relegated from the league proper last year after finishing bottom and second from bottom on the table. So therefore, two teams that finish at the top of the table from the qualifiers will be promoted to fill that gap in the league proper,” He told TAT.


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