Syndicate of state capturers around the Principal 


By: Karanta Fatty

Often it is said that Hypocrites are those who accuse others of what they excuse themselves of because of their double tongues. They put Sycophancy, Immorality, and Greed above Principles and Integrity. The Hypocrites love admiration but cut corners regarding Integrity and Values because they are FAKE with DOUBLE TONGUES, a common trademark in us Gambians. Acknowledgeable, the Happenings of Yesterday are the History of Today, and so are the History recordings. 

One doesn’t need a telescope to visibly see the swamps of Hypocrites of Yesterdays who aided and abetted Tyranny, Enabled TYRANT YAYA JAMMEH to rain Calamities on Gambia for 22years, masquerading like Saints getting closer to the corridors of power since 2017 at the Invitation of the Principal Chief Servant President Barrow. No doubt that these Hypocrites, in their cunning lust, went on to reinvent and consolidate State Capture syndicate cells within and near the Corridors of power, thereby inducing the State Principal, President Barrow, to become the betrayer of the century as he ( Barrow) publicly acknowledged in 2021 at the Sukuta Political rally, that since 2017 he has been in talks with Fabakary Tombong Jatta and Seedy Njie of the APRC, on how to design the betrayal schemes to the much-yearned aspirations of the majority Gambians at a time when the coalition was in its infants’ honeymoon for his Barrow and the syndicate state capturers political expedition. 

President Barrow, History has it in its records that you are the only elected President in Africa who was once sworn in outside the jurisdiction of their country. Why? Because the Hypocrites double tongue State Capturers went to the National Assembly, a place they used their numerical advantage to butchered the 1997 constitution to the whims and caprices of Tyrant Yaya Jammeh and passed a bill to extend the longevity of the Tyrant regime and a proclamation of the state of Emergency to subvert the will of the people. We seem to need to remember too soon. 

Therefore I urge Principal Chief Servant President Barrow and the State Capturers to revisit History Read, Listen, and Watch some of their utterances, deeds, and behind-the-scenes maneuverings in the first quarter of 2017.

Why do we Gambians forget too soon? Gradually with the night lessons of some State Capturers, President Barrow graduated from the Recycling University of Yaya Jammeh by putting state capturers’ hypocrites’ Old wines in New bottles

Former Jammeh Enablers and some State Capturers indicted in both the Janneh and TRRC commissions still occupy key Government positions within and outside the Gambia. What fundamental lessons did Principal Chief Servant President Barrow learn from the Janneh and TRRC Commission of Inquiry?

After all the horrible revelations from the two Commissions, the Office of the President has become an Economic Plundering Crime Scene requiring an UrgentDiligent, thorough forensic investigation. 

The Banjul Roads Projects, the numerous Auditor General Reports, the Airport Security fees, and Covid- Funds emanated from the Office of the President without regard for due process. Principal Chief Servants President Barrows’s unwillingness and lacks of foresight is what the State Capturers-Hypocrites are overwhelmingly utilizing to stain his legacy with Corruption, high debt to pay, rising high prices of essential commodities, Poor health care facilities and services, Erratic insufficient supply and high cost of electricity, tons of un-accounted hard drugs importation, Lack of commitment to do the needed reforms in both the Civil and Public services, Poor Service delivery in all own state enterprises, Declining education and failing agriculture, the declining key performance indicators of Government Institutions are virtually a reflection of Bad Governance tendency. 

President Barrow, to whom much is given, much is expected. Gambian is no longer at Ease; remember that one day you will no longer be a President, and your successor will set a commission of inquiries to investigate your administration. Principal President Barrow never believes in your wildest dream that the State capturers will not disown you once you are out of office as they did to your predecessor, as seen and heard during the Janneh and TRRC Commission. 

Does one need to remind President Barrow that the State Capturers he surrounded himself with were the very people advocating for the Gambia to transform from a Republican to a Monarchial system and for Yaya Jammeh to be CROWNED KING OF THE GAMBIA?

 Suppose the Gambia wants to sanitize the decadence in our Public Institutions and Governance System. In that case, Confront Corruption bluntly and with seriousness, then Gambians should yearn for a complete overhaul of the System. The state capturers and hypocrites only intend to sink the country and the Gambia to become a sad Nation. Why do we Gambians forget too Soon? If the State Capturers are the Priest in President Barrow’s Administration, then may GOD have mercy on the Congregation Gambia. 


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