Volleyball Federation bans Gamtel/Gamcel from hosting home Games

Gamtel/Gamcel volleyball club

By: Pa Barrow

The Gambia Volleyball Federation has banned Gamtel/Gamcel volleyball club from hosting home games following a clash between the two league teams.

Acting per Article 7 II and 12 II, III, the disciplinary committee of The Gambia Volleyball Federation, GVBF has decided as follows. ” Gamtel/Gamcel team is found guilty of the spontaneous and unruly behavior of their supporters/fans since they are responsible for ensuring order on their home ground. Therefore, they are fined D4,000.00, which must be paid before the next game of the league matches.

Their home ground at Old Jehswang is banned indefinitely and any further decision to lift the ban will depend on the strong assurance from Gamtel/Gamcel management that: order, peace and tranquility will prevail and this appeal may only be considered after the end of 2022 season,” the committee said in a statement.

Supposedly replay matches between YMCA versus Gamtel/Gamcel female match are canceled and all the 3 points and 3 sets are awarded to YMCA.

An identified supporter of YMCA, Louis Bass, is banned from all our sanction matches or events for the 2022 season.

Baboucarr Joof, a player of YMCA, is fined D500.00 with a three-match suspension for his involvement in a fight.

All the players, fans/supporters are urged to remain to comport themselves and adhere to the rules.

Participating teams are advised to use social media responsibly during those trying times, as any adverse action/statement by anyone which will bring shame to the image of the federation will meet with heavy sanctions.


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