Advocates of FGM/C Bill Threaten to Vote Out NAMs if Rejected

Scores of people turn up at the Parliament to support/ against the bill passing.

By Alieu Ceesay

Hundreds of people stormed the premises of Parliament, showing different views as both supporters and opposers of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) have converged at the National Assembly to voice their positions.

Today, March 18th, 2024, witness the bill’s second reading after its first reading last week.

Mariama Ceeaay, proponents of Female Genital Mutilation or Circumcision, believe that the practice is not against human rights violations,  noting that the passing of the bill will be a democratic move of respect for culture and religion.

“any Parliamentarian that voted against this bill should be voted out in the next Parliamentary election  because that NAM doesn’t respect the religious rights, and if the democracy is something real in the Gambia, these NAMs should respect our Islamic rights.”

Despite the practice being banned in the Gambia in 2015, Sankung Kaba is still practicing it; interestingly, he Circumcised his four daughters and is ready to Circumcise any girl child of his.

“I have four girl children. They have all gone through Circumcision, but they have not faced health complications, so why would they stop it now?” He asked.

Annually,  the world commemorates International Women’s Day in March. However, in the Gambia, opponents of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) felt that their rights were violated, thus calling on authorities not to support the bill.

” I’m terrified and shocked to see fellow women advocating for this bill; if this bill is passed, no girl or woman is safe in this country.”  Penda Jallow, a survivor of FGM, voices

Isatou Secka urges NAMs not to repeal the bill: “FGM caused more harm than good; we will continue to advocate as a civil society organization even if the bill fails to pass.”

Thousands of people still await the bill’s final fate. Civil society organizations are not compromising with the international treaties to which the Gambia is a signatory, while pro-FGM advocates are not also compromising their religious and cultural beliefs.

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