Ex Manjai Sports Chairman Musa Sowe calls for a Gov’t probe on GFF projects

Musa Sowe, the former Manjai Sports chairman

By: Baboucarr Fallaboweh

Weeks ago, Musa Sowe, the former Manjai Sports chairman, supported Kaba for another term. Still, some disturbing figures and projects made him sit back, and he now calls for severe government intervention.

“Initially, I was Pro Kaba because these are only the two candidates I know. I thought another four years would give us continuity, he has changed a lot, and we will give him credit for that. I am thinking of the continuity of the national team, and a change may drastically affect the national team logistics. But recent developments regarding projects and funds need a change. They left it too late, and now they are full of propaganda. Someone cannot do less than what he did”. Sowe indicated.

“Based on things I have seen and reacting to what I saw, what we were anticipating and the quality of the pitch (Banjul Mini Stadium) is not up to standard. It looks impressive from far but doesn’t hold water. The Federation should look at the warranty of these projects so that it doesn’t stop when the work ends. For example, if there is default at one time, it will be at the cost of the contractors.”

“D65M spent on incomplete projects. Only Ebou Faye apologized to the public, saying they were over-ambitious. The president and Vice President Bakary Jammeh have denied allegations of mismanagement of funds despite projects surpassing their handover date to various communities.”

“The Gambia is behind in general and in all aspects and corners. Especially in sporting facilities. It’s not their priority, apart from the existing facilities there aren’t even new ones. The blame will be shared by both the Government and the Football federation. On the Governmental side, their municipality/councils should be laying out these sporting infrastructures; it’s their responsibility. What is the Government doing? Look at Senegal; we are only pretending and muted that the Government shouldn’t do anything. We all put our minds on the FIFA money.” He added.

He said: ” Most of these companies that come to tender for these contracts are registered companies in The Gambia. Suppose the Government sees that the Federation has tendered an agreement, the claimed money is too much, or the work progress is slow. In that case, the Government can do a thorough audit and see if there are any kickbacks. They can be exposed and justified. If the money indeed went there.

The Government cannot interfere with the Federation unless they and the stakeholders have to pass through those contractors.

The Federation should be held accountable, especially if it’s poor quality. Often, the kickback leaves those responsible not emphasizing more on the excellent quality of the projects. The project coordinator has to know the job, monitor, and have someone from the Federation oversee the projects. We should have someone whose interest serves the parties.”

According to him,’ D1.5 million we take a look at it. I see if it’s the toilet; the Federation hasn’t come out to justify that since it’s been making rounds. That is way too much. The stakeholders should take a review.

The Jarra Soma Mini Stadium Project worth D11Million was not awarded to the lowest bidder, a Gambian, but given to an Indian with a higher bid. But, to the dismay of many, the said project is still in progress.’


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