Nyaninka Manjang: UTGSU Presidential Aspirant Promises Big Ahead of Students’ Election

Nyaninka Manjang, a student presidential aspirant at the University of The Gambia (UTG).

By Alieu Ceesay

In an interview with TAT, Nyaninka Manjang, a student presidential aspirant at the University of The Gambia (UTG), has outlined his priorities in the build-up to the 2024 University of The Gambia Students Union (UTGSU).

Strengthening entrepreneurial skills and learning opportunities, Manjang aims to promote and consolidate student entrepreneurship culture in the UTG, aligning this priority area with the Vice Chancellor’s policy to address unemployment. He says this is achievable by forging collaborations with relevant institutions to enable students to realize their full potential. He also highlights the Faraba Banta Campus as a potential avenue for creating employment opportunities and student skill development.

“Faraba Banta Campus is an avenue that can create many employment opportunities for students with ambitions to be self-employed and develop skills. When voted into office, I will ensure that the baton is handed over to students to explore their opportunities, promoting internal revenue growth within the University Community.”

On capital investments like student scholarship opportunities, Nyang says he is determined to initiate a financial assistance program to support underprivileged students and student entrepreneurs in the UTG, covering tuition fees and other educational expenses.

He equally emphasizes the importance of effectively utilizing funds generated by the student council, such as the sum provided by Migration for Sustainable Development The Gambia (MSDG), to promote the welfare of all students.

UTGSU Presidential Aspirant states: “Migration for Sustainable Development The Gambia (MSDG) has given the UTG students a sum of D1.1 million for students’ welfare. Unfortunately, this money is still in the bank and unused. In the future, I shall initiate a financial assistance program that will support underprivileged and student entrepreneurs to pay their tuition fees and meet other educational expenses.”

On external relations and internship opportunities for UTG students, Nyang maintains that a cordial relationship between UTGSU and other relevant institutions is necessary to ensure students acquire internship opportunities with various institutions in the country. He seeks to provide students with professional experience in administration and management, preparing them for the global labor market and career development.

“Central to my vision is the acquisition of internship opportunities with institutions to create the necessary prospect for students to acquire professional experience in administration and management in preparation for the global labor market and the development of a career path.”

Manjang expresses his deep commitment to fostering positive change within the academic community, drawing upon his experience as Vice President of SoSHSA. He underscores his dedication to representing the student body effectively and fostering a campus environment that promotes unity and academic excellence.

“If elected,” Manjang says, “I am dedicated to leveraging my unique experiences to ensure that the UTG Student Union catalyzes positive transformation and student empowerment.”


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