Something About Her

Something About Her

By Kebba

There’s something about her,

That I can’t quite figure out:

She got my head spinning,

My mind fixated,

My heart excited,

My person elated.

Maybe, I need slow down, calm down:

Not to lose myself impetuously,

As with her situation, so to speak,

This has all the markings of a wild goose chase—

But what is life without chasing one’s dreams,

When  our dreams can be the making of our realities.

Truly, that which may be unattainable is temptatious.

Again, what is life without yielding to our fascinations.

As in  losing ourselves in what we so desire,

We become whole with that we so dearly love.

Indeed, “a man’s reach should exceed his grasp”.

So, with her,  I am reaching for the universe itself:

When I succeed, I hope I become a Sirius,

Sincerely speaking, and God knows why.

When I miss, I will fall down the abyss

Disappointed; yet, satisfied that, at least, I tried.


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