Poem: November 16


November 16

By Ma Isha

November 16, 2005:

A crash on the road,

A moment of dread,

A life changed forever.


My dad’s fate was in no doubt.

The doctors did their best,

But his injuries were indeed grave,

He may never walk again,

A life sentence to bear.

Though our hearts anguished,

For the things he can’t do, again

But grateful he’s still here.

For a man once so strong,

Full of life and vigor—

Now bound to a wheelchair,

To be dependent on others.

Broken bones and shattered dreams,

Give no comfort, inspire no hopes.

Physically disabled, mentally dispirited;

Life as he knew would be no more.

Every day a struggle, every move a challenge,

So, the memories of the accident lingered on,

Our lives altered forever, our hearts grief-stricken,

By a road crash that left my dad scarred forever.


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