Germany-based Gambian Artist MLB Di Papa Releases Debut Album ‘The Gentleman’

Germany-based Gambian artist MLB Di Papa

By Alieu Ceesay 

Germany-based Gambian artist MLB Di Papa has made a significant mark on the music scene with the release of his debut album, ‘The Gentleman.’

The new album, a unique blend of MLB Di Papa’s dedication to quality music and his commitment to addressing social issues, features collaborations with renowned Gambian artists T. Smallz, Jizzle, and Hussain Dada. 

Reflecting on the personal journey that led to the creation of the album, MLB Di Papa shared, ‘After releasing my debut EP back in 2022, the positive response from fans and some great music veterans inspired me to push my boundaries—not just to entertain, but to inspire and educate people through my music.’ He further explained, ‘The album is called ‘The Gentleman,’ and the messages are simple: being gentle as a person, especially towards women. We’re living in an era where violence against women has been rampant; they’re often discriminated against when they should be loved and respected.’ 

The album’s creation involved significant collaboration with other prominent Gambian artists. MLB Di Papa noted, “Linking up with the brothers was necessary because I’m trying to represent where I came from musically. I feel really honored to have them on this project. The first collaboration was with T. Smallz, whom I’ve known for a long time. He’s always given me positive advice with his own experience.” 

Germany-based Gambian artist MLB Di Papa’s country Manager Saidina Omar

Living in Germany presented challenges and advantages for MLB Di Papa during the album’s production. He acknowledged, ‘There were challenges as well as advantages. Almost all my productions are done back in The Gambia, which makes it harder. But having my recording studio at home makes it easier; I don’t necessarily need to rush anything. This unique situation has allowed me to take my time and perfect my craft.’ 

MLB Di Papa’s manager emphasized the importance of quality production and strategic planning in the album’s success. “Music needs quality, so we decided to work with Jlive Music. We believe with Jlive Music, we can get what we want as far as good quality production is concerned,” he said. 

He highlighted MLB Di Papa’s passion for music, adding, “MLB’s music will continue evolving because of his love for music and being somebody who always wants to experiment with new sounds and ideas.” 

The production process was smooth despite the challenges, thanks to careful planning and execution. “Well, I don’t think there were challenges because everything was set at the right time to favor the artist. MLB started working on the album in Germany, so when he came to The Gambia on his holiday, he did the final touches, and it was a smooth process,” the manager explained. 

Looking to the future, MLB Di Papa has ambitious plans for promoting “The Gentleman.” He revealed, “The Gentleman album will be officially launched here in Germany, and my management will share more information soon. The album launch will be followed by a tour across cities in Germany and probably Europe.” 

With the release of “The Gentleman,” MLB Di Papa showcases his musical talent and aims to inspire positive change and respect within society. The album is available on all digital platforms, and fans are encouraged to follow MLB Di Papa on his social media channels (  for updates on upcoming projects and events.


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