Suspended CA Spokeswoman: ‘I saw it coming when I called out the cowardice in CA’

Neneh Freda Gomez

Less than 24 hours after being suspended as party spokesperson for Citizen’s Alliance, Nenneh Freda Gomez was not ‘shocked’ by her suspension as she saw it ‘coming’.

“I am not shocked at all because I saw it coming when I called out the hypocritical attitude, pettiness, cowardice, and ungratefulness of some executive members during a meeting meant to discuss the way forward for the party after the resignation of Dominic Mendy,” the outspoken suspended mouthpiece of CA told The Alkamba Times late Wednesday evening.

She added: ” But instead, the meeting was used as a platform to lash out and bad-mouth Mr. Dominic Mendy, which I had to put a couple of members on the check. But again, when you touch on the indispensable, you are met with a force that only the strong-willed like myself can withstand because I am the Voice Beyond Representation.”

CA accused Nenneh of leaking a confidential party meeting memo to the local media and replacing her with Modou Mboob as the new spokesperson. 


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