Tribute to Baba, Imam Basirou Bah: The Imam of The People

The Late Imam Basirou Bah

By Aminata E.Sanyang

Baba was among the most loving, caring, and pious community leaders. He served as Imam for several decades and never once relented in executing his duties.

His sudden demise shocked the entire community because of the love people have for him. He was a father figure to everyone, lived his life practicing Islam and loving his neighbors, and was always on his toes to render support to people and gear all efforts toward promoting Islam.

Baba lived harmoniously with his neighbors and was restrained from indulging in anything that might hurt people. He welcomes people with a smile and kindness, and his gaze is always down. He is also blessed with a very kind, respectful, pious, and peaceful family; he raised his family to spread love, Harmony and build a good relationship with the people.

Until his demise, I’ve never witnessed his family clash with any neighbor or anyone; they have the excellent qualities of Baba. Moreover, his love for Allah made him send his sons to memorize the Quran. You can’t afford but admire Baba’s way of life, Alhamdullilah.

Wealth and worldly gains were not Baba’s priority; instead, he said he wanted to live the rest of his life pleasing Allah, which was his mantra until his departure to Allah. Baba consistently led Salah at the mosque unless he was ill or had traveled. No amount of worldly stress will make Baba do anything to himself; he dedicated his life to preaching against anything Allah has forbidden.

I am saddened that people write things they don’t know about our Baba. Baba treated every child in my area like his own; he was one of the pioneers of the leading Arabic School in the community. He took up the task of serving as Imam for the love of Allah and his Deen. He visits neighbors to check on them all the time.

His funeral indicated that he was the Imam of the people. We will miss him dearly; remember our Baba, a great man, in your daily Dua.

May Allah grant his soul the highest place in Jannah.


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