UDP Press Statement on Decision of the Party Following The Outcome of The Gambia Presidential Elections 

Supporters of UDP seen in their yellow in large numbers /Right - Supporters of the most popular opposition wearing their yellow colours) Photo Credit: Alhagie Manka - State of Mic|Source @AlhagieManka (Facebook)

On December 4th 2021, Gambians went to the polls to elect the President of the 4th Republic of The Gambia.    A total of six out of 26 Independent Candidates and Political Parties were formally certified as qualified to compete in the said elections

On the 5th December the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) announced the results of the elections results and declared the incumbent, President Adama Barrow as the winner of the elections.

The UDP campaign and elections team identified discrepancies in the results as they were being announced publicly and brought this to the attention of the leadership.  Upon further scrutiny, it was revealed that indeed true there were discrepancies observed.  The legal team was then invited to investigate and ascertain if the evidences obtained were in fact true and worthy of the matter being taken to the courts.  Further investigations confirmed the allegations.

The legal team worked tireless with our officers on the ground and sought supporting documentations from the IEC to verify the authenticity.  They were able to come up with over 2000 pages of evidence and testimonies of the anomalies detected.  Regrettable, the Supreme Court threw out the case based on technicalities.  When we attempted a second time to bring to the attention of the courts the findings of the registration and voting anomalies, the Supreme Court rejected our petition. 

Upon consultation with the National Executive, it was agreed that as a party, we owe it to the Gambians who voted for the United Democratic Party to reveal what happened to their votes.  As such, the United Democratic Party has decided that given the amount of information collected thus far, it will, commencing today, reveal to the general public the findings of the election’s anomalies.  The findings will be shared to the media and the general public for their information over the next coming weeks.

These revelations will include as follows:

    • The election of Adama Barrow was invalid by reason of corrupt practices;
    • Adama Barrow was not duly elected or returned and his election as otherwise invalid; 
    • The votes casted in favour of Adama Barrow in all regions are void by reason of corrupt and illegal practices;
    • The election is otherwise invalid by reason of the non-compliance which affected the result in favour of Adama Barrow.
    • The election is otherwise invalid by the non-compliance with the constitution and all applicable laws.

On 28th December 2021, the court struck out on the ground that the UDP failed to comply with Rule 11 of the Elections Petition Rules even though the Chief Justice had earlier fixed cost at D300,000.00. An application for leave to file a review application was rejected.

Denied the opportunity to present evidence in support of allegations corrupt practices.  The witness statements and supporting material deposited in court included corrupt practices committed during the campaign period. 

At least 26 incidents of corrupt practices committed by Adama Barrow or his agents with his knowledge include but not limited:

    • On the 9th November 2021, during the election campaign D1,000,000 was “purportedly donated” to Munyagen in support of the villager’s effort to build a health facility.  Musa Drammeh accompanied by Governor and Seyfo for Jokadu District – Adama Barrow fulfilled his promise – he must have his ballot box filled with tokens.  This event is captured by camera and photographs are available – this was part of documentary evidence
    • In Barrow Kunda on Jarra East visited by the President after his meeting in Sutukung.  He gave out D100,000 to a Mr. Bayo as Kolanuts, thereby entrusting himself to the villagers and did not extend his generosity to the villages in the proceeding months before the declaration of the campaign period.
    • In Kitty, at least a total of D45,000 was again “purportedly given” to the youths of Kitty village by Mr. Ahmed Gitteh in a bid to garner support for President Barrow.
    • On 30th November 2021, a video in Sandu Misira revealed The NPP distribution of a milling machine and Siaka Jatta was heard cautioning the residences of Sandu Misira as such “The only thing that will stop you from having a tractor will be if the NPP and President Barrow lose the elections”.
    • Another video further revealed that on the 25th November 2021, a milling machine was given to communities in Basse T Junction purportedly donated by the First Lady Fatou Bah Barrow in which the Alkalo of the village, Mr. Sellou Bah was introduced to the community as being part of the NPP Campaign team and his presence was that of a citizen of the community rather than as an Alkalo.
    • On December 2nd 2021, Governor Sanyang was seen talking to the youths and giving them football jerseys.  He was heard as claiming – “We are working for Adama Barrow and any assignment given to us by him, we will execute to President Adama Barrow’s satisfaction and beyond
    • On 30th November again, a milling machine was distributed in Kumbija Village, by Mr. Siaka Jatta and Bubu Drammeh
    • Between 26th November and 2nd December 2021, Siaka Jatta was seen delivering a tractor to the people of Taibatou and claiming as follows: “We shouldn’t trick each other and we need to accept that the peace and development in this country is to thanks to Adama Barrow and we can only thank him for voting for him on December 4th
    • Similarly, on 2nd December, when a milling machine was donated to the people of Kuntaur, the Chief, of Niani, Mr. Pierre Bah was heard expressing to the people of Kuntaur that “if the people of Kuntaur vote for NPP or otherwise, it will be known because Kuntaur designated a polling center for only the village.  I want NPP to lead UDP by at least 200 votes in Kuntaur”…………. “Thank you to the great lion, Chief of Niani, Mr. Pierre Bah for the great campaign you have been doing for the NPP.  You can notice it on the body of the chief because he lost weight
    • On 3th November 2021, a video revealed that in Wulli Briffu, Wuli East in URR when again a milling ma chine was seen donated by the NPP Regional Chairperson, Mr. Bubu Drammeh and Mr. Siaka Jatta.
    • On August 9th 2021, Mr. Ebrima Sillah, Communications Minister was heard in a video expressing that “We have no regrets and we are not scared of anything.  The work we have done during the registration and what we have in hand, we are certain that come 5th December 2021, there will be people who will wonder how it happened……..
    • On the 27th November, again, Mr. Fabu Sanneh was heard in a video distributing a milling machine in Kiang Jula Kunda stating that “……If someone gives you breakfast and lunch, be rest assured, he’ll give you dinner when he wins.  So if that same individual asks you for another 5 years, compared to the same person who has given mere promises (opposition) and the NPP who is already giving you, whom will you choose?
    • In Sareh Njabo in Jimara, Ousman Mballow, a native of the village, was heard via WhatsApp on 3rd December, 2021 saying “This machine is brought to us by Saihou Mballow on a Friday.  The reason why he (Saihou Mballow) brought the machine is for us to vote for Adama Barrow in the upcoming elections”. “The machine is a gift.  Saikou Mballow said, by God’s grace, if we vote for Adama Barrow and he wins the elections, they will bring something more than the donated machine……………..Since Adama Barrow became President for the past 5 years, he hasn’t brought anything for us.  But because the elections is approaching, he brought us this machine and thus we should also vote for him”.
    • On 2nd December in Serrekunda, Adama Barrow was heard promising Alkalolu’s salaries.  I brought along a gift with me to Serrekunda and I know Alkalo Serign Jobe of Serrekunda will be happy to receive this gift.  Since Independence, the Alkalos have been working tremendously but they are not paid any salary, but I will put a stop to that.  From the month of January, every Alkalo in The Gambia will be paid monthly salary”.
    • Aji Ndey Njie (the adopted political mother of GDC Leader, Mama Kandeh) of Farafenni on 11th November confirmed on a video on the financial package given to her by Adama Barrow who promised to send her to perform the Hajj.  Says Aji Ndey, “I went to visit the President at his residence and the President provided what I wanted and promised to sponsor a hajj package for me and going on Hajj is what I always wanted.  I promised that the President next visit to Farafenni, I will ensure I deliver the entire community to President Barrow”.
    • On 1st December 2021, Presidential Adviser, Mr. Dembo Bojang who was heard on video inciting tribal remarks as follows “………..The Fulas, Jolas, Sereres and Karoninkas are in trouble.  If you lose President Barrow, Jolas will regret because they will be banned and banished from this country.  The Fulas will pack their luggages and leave The Gambia and any tribe that is not Mandinka, they will be banished from The Gambia if President Barrow loses.
    • Between 14th and 29th November 2021, Yaya Jarjusey, Chief of Jarra West in a one minute four seconds video, was seen presenting big cooking pots, mortar and pestles, big plates and other cvooking utensils to a women’s group saying “ it is only out of hatred that someone will change Adama Barrow for anyone else………… The donated items are given to me by President Adama Barrow to be given to groups within my circle”.
    • Milling Machines were also seen in videos assembled at the Barra NPP Bureau where the President visited on the 9th November 2021.  In the video, milling machines were seen parked at the entrance of the bureau in Barra and President Adama Barrow was seen leaving the bureau half an hour later.
    • On 9th November 2021, President Barrow was seen committing D1,000,000 to the VDC.  In the video, the President said “ ……….I have seen people putting money together to build hospitals in their areas, so as President, I have all rights to help you people build your hospital.  So, I will make sure by next week, you get the money………
    • On 1st December, NPP supporters in a video, were seen paying a courtesy call to the Governor of CRR, Mr. Abba Sanyang at his offices, where these supporters adopted Mr. Siaka Jatta (Political Adviser to the President) as their Honorary Father.  Mr. Sanyang was heard saying “……………We have this belief that the reason you brought all these voters cards show that you will vote for Adama Barrow………
    • In Song Kunda, Governor Samba Bah was also seen in a video delivering a milling machine with the NPP campaign team on the 1st December 2021. Samba Bah said to the community “………… They will come here and tell you that the road that was supposed to be constructed up to Song Kunda has been diverted to Koina.  But I will tell you, it is the only obstacle between you and the road is the President winning this elections”.
    • Between 14th and 29th November 2021, a video showing a group of women said to have defected from GDC to NPP are seen being given cooking utensils which included cooking pots by the President’s two wives, Fatou Bah Barrow and Sarjo Mballow Barrow.  The event happened in Banjulinding.
    • Similarly, cooking pots were given to women’s groups in Sukuta Nemasu, again by the President’s wives, on the 19th December 2021.
    • On 11th December 2021, Aji Ndey Njie, (the adopted political mother of Hon Mama Kandeh), was heard explaining how she spent the money personally given to her by the President and gave them to the yaye kompins.
    • The Governor of NBR was seen campaigning for President Barrow in the presence of PACD representatives, some members of NPP NBR campaign committee during the presentation of the milling machines
    • The Governors of LRR, PSCD and NPP campaign team in Jarra Central Buiba Village on the 7th November, 2021 in which Rohey John Manjang was seen receiving keys for a tractor from the PSCD representatives
    • NPP Chairman NBR, Amat Sarr in Lower Nuimi on the 19th November 2021 was heard expressing how D15,000 ws given to each of the imams amongst others.
    • On the 29th November, 2021, two photos were posted on Facebook by an account with the name “Hon Councillor Omar Gaye” show a vehicle with plate number KM6405 C carrying a milling machine and the captions of the pictures are as follows:
      • Milling Machine donated by NPP URR campaign committee namely Hagie Baniko Sisoho, Babanding Camara, Nfally Kora, Baboucarr Jawla.

We take this opportunity to thank our friends and supporters for their patience and kind understanding as we continue to expose the information we have thus far collected for our petition.

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