Balance Crew and APS Sign MOU to Support Young Entrepreneurs

Officials at the signing ceremony

By: Alieu Ceesay

Young entrepreneurs from Balance Crew and APS Financial Services have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support budding entrepreneurs nationwide.

Baba Ceesay, the dynamic Chief Executive Officer of Balance Crew, couldn’t hide his excitement. “This partnership with APS is a significant step in our journey to support and empower young entrepreneurs in The Gambia,” he said, beaming with pride.

Baba Ceesay, Founder of the Balance Crew

The Balance Crew, known for its dedication to youth entrepreneurship and innovation, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with APS Financial Services. This partnership will see APS becoming the main sponsor for the third edition of the Balance Television Trade Fair (TTF). The event, a staple in the Gambian entrepreneurial landscape, aims to provide a platform for young innovators to showcase their businesses and gain much-needed support.

Key figures attended the signing ceremony, including APS Managing Director Lamin Sanyang, who emphasized supporting youth initiatives. “We believe in the potential of young Gambian entrepreneurs and are excited to be part of an initiative that nurtures innovation and business growth,” said Mr. Sanyang. His words echoed the sentiment of many in the room who recognized the impact of such collaborations on the future of Gambian business.

APS Managing Director Lamin Sanyang and Baba Ceesay, Founder of the Balance Crew

Last year’s edition of the Balance TTF was a resounding success, generating over D2 million in grants for young businesses. This achievement was made possible with support from the Ministry of Trade through the Youth Entrepreneurship Project, powered by UNDP.

Reflecting on this, Ceesay noted, “The success of last year’s Trade Fair demonstrated our young entrepreneurs’ incredible talent and determination. We are committed to continuing this momentum and achieving even greater heights with the support of APS.”

Mr. Sanyang added, “By sponsoring the Television Trade Fair, we are investing in the future of The Gambia. It’s about creating opportunities and providing the resources for young businesses to thrive.”

Other APS staff members and nominated TTF members attended the ceremony, marking a milestone in the efforts to enhance youth development. The Balance Crew’s initiative has consistently delivered significant gains for the region’s youth empowerment and economic growth.

Anticipation is building as the third edition of the Television Trade Fair approaches. Young entrepreneurs across The Gambia are gearing up to participate, eager to make their mark and take advantage of the opportunities presented by this collaboration.

Ceesay concluded with a call to action for the community: “Keep following the Balance Crew and watch out for the third edition of the Television Trade Fair. And don’t forget to download the APS wallet app for free and be part of this exciting journey.”

With such dedicated efforts and strong partnerships, the future looks bright for young entrepreneurs in The Gambia. The Balance Crew and APS Financial Services are leading the way toward a more innovative and prosperous nation.


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