7 rounded up in connection to Kerr Mot Ali Disturbances as Police opens Investigations

Deputy Police Chief, Landing Bojang AIG Inspects affected community of Kerr Mot-Gambia

The Gambia police force have rounded up seven individuals in connection to Sunday’s Keur Mot Ali disturbances, confirmed the Deputy police spokesperson on Tuesday.

According to Inspector Alieu Jamanka, the seven arrested hailed from different villages in the Upper and Lower Saloum districts of CRR North.

Meanwhile, as investigations continue, the suspects have been charged with arson in contravention of Section 305 sub-section 8, Cap.10, Vol.III of the Laws of The Gambia, deputy PRO Jamanka revealed.

Meanwhile, police in Njau have opened investigations into suspected arson in Kerr Mot village in the Central River Region North.

The police have also launched an investigation into the suspected burning to death of three horses in the same village in Lower Saloum.

Kerr Mot-Gambia and Kerr Mot-Senegal, are just 500 meters away but there’s a deep-seated feeling of mistrust between the two settlements.

Already, some villagers of Kerr Mot-Gambia have pointed fingers of accusations at Kerr Mot-Senegal.

The assistant police Public Relations Officer, Inspector Alieu Jamanka, told TAT that the situation was under control and the matter was being investigated.

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