Accident Claims Life of Teenage Boy


By Mafugi Ceesay

One Hassan Ceesay, a teenage boy believed to be 15, was reportedly killed near Latrikunda Market on Wednesday morning when alighting from a mini truck.

The boy who was on his way to work at a carpentry workshop got stuck in the vehicle and was trampled upon by the wheel of the vehicle.

Eyewitnesses told this reporter that the driver was arrested and taken to the Bundung police station.

In The Gambia, an average of 115 people die annually from road traffic accidents, and about 169 people sustain serious injury each year.

Statistics reported by the Police on accidents show that more than 750 road accidents occur annually.

According to WHO data published in 2018, road traffic accident deaths in the Gambia peaked at 657 or 4.72% of total deaths.

The age-adjusted death rate is 47.51 per 100,000 population.

More than seven road accidents were recorded within the Greater Banjul Area in the first two weeks of April 2022.

The Gambia is ranked fourth in the world when it comes to road traffic accidents and deaths.


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