Ahead of Barrow’s Inauguration of Rural Roads, Compound Owners Want Compensation

President Adama Barrow Photo Credit: State House Media

Ahead of the inauguration of rural road projects by President Adama Barrow this weekend, TAT is getting reports of compound owners in the Central River Region (CRR) asking for payment of compensation.

Their properties were demolished to give way for the road projects. They are complaining that the National Roads Authority (NRA) is yet to compensate them.

However, they revealed that most affected people have received their payments since July.

The NRA had urged every affected house owner to open a bank account and provide the account numbers. According to the villagers, they have since submitted these details and are still waiting to receive payment.

Burry Mbye, a single mother and native of Jimbala Kerr Malick in the Lower Saloum District, told TAT that more than five-yard owners in Jimbala are yet to be paid for the Kaur-Jimbala roads project, though most were compensated.

She said this situation has adversely affected her family because they lack the resources to erect a new house.

Alhagie Nohor, also a resident of Jimbala Kerr Malick, whose compound was affected by the road project, said his family is yet to be compensated.

This has made living conditions difficult, especially during the rainy season, due to the poor state of the houses the family currently occupies.

He appealed to the government, as they are poor farmers who cannot build new houses alone.

This man also disclosed that a village mosque was demolished, and compensation is yet to be paid.

Abdou Bah, a native of Kayai village in the Nianija District, also said his family was not compensated, making life difficult for them.

TAT spoke with the NRA project manager, Bannie Taiwo Chapman, who confirmed that many yard owners are yet to be compensated.

He said the payments are made in segments, and “very soon, those affected will get their settlements.”

He would not give a specific time for these payments but asked affected yard owners to be patient “as efforts are on course to finalize all payments.”


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