Alkamba Native Bora Ceesay appointed Head of Academics at GTMI

Pa Bora Ceesay

Last month, Mr. Bora Ceesay, a native of Kudang, was confirmed by the Board of Gamtel/Gamcel as the new Head of Academics Affairs of Gambia Telecommunications and Multimedia Institute (GTMI), the training department/institute of Gamtel, initially training Gamtel staff but later opening its doors to the public since the early 1990s.

Mr. Bora Ceesay was born in the late 1980s in Niamina Kudang, also called Alkamba (“Londi-bunting”), to a family respected for knowledge and service to the nation. On his maternal side, he is a nephew to the revered Mboge families of Niamina Dankunku (Maribantang), a family with an indelible mark in the country.

He started his education journey at Kudang Primary school from 1991-1997. Then, he proceeded to Kaur Junior Secondary School from 1997-2000. Finally, he did his Senior Secondary at the prestigious Armitage Senior from 2000-2003.

He held some key leadership positions from his primary to Senior Secondary level. At the community and national level, he was once the Chairperson of the Niamina East constituency and a member of the National Youth Assembly. He attended several leadership forums and several pieces of training between 2003 and 2004. 

Mr. Ceesay joined GAMTEL (GTMI) in November 2004, starting in the Admin department, later transferred to the Academics department as an Assistant Instructor upon completing the UK’s City and Guilds Diploma in Software Application, emerging as the top candidate in that external exams.

The determined, focused, brilliant Ceesay was later promoted to Instructor in the year 2013 upon successful completion of the UK’s Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Advanced and Standard Diplomas in Business Studies.

In pursuit of academic and professional excellence, the trailblazing namesake and grandson of Chief Bora Mboge (Dankunku) and Chief Saikouba Sisay (Alkamba) joined the university of the Gambia for his BSc degree in Management and Human Resources from 2012-2016.

He is undergoing his Masters’s (MSc) degree in Business Administration at UTG.

The highly exposed, experienced professional was the brain behind forming the first-ever ‘GTMI Student Union’ in 2016, a union helping to guide, train, expose, and connect students to different skills, opportunities, and employers.

He is a member of the GTMI Management, GTMI Select Committee (Mini Board), and a Board Member (Secretary) to Gamtel/Gamcel/GRTS Staff Credit Union. 

He has served as one of the Leading Trainers and consultants for most of the corporate training that GTMI enrolled for the UNDP staff, top government officials and personnel, CDDP project, and training of judicial members.

He is a trained career guidance counselor who uses his free time to guide and counsel students on their career paths.

At the community level, he was the Development and Sports Chairman of the Alkamba Gambia Association. He is always at the forefront of all voluntary and community activities. He is one such person who inspires and continues to inspire the younger ones to take their education and careers seriously.

Reacting to his recent promotion to this critical position, Mr. Ceesay thanks The Almighty Allah and the board and management of Gamtel/Gamtel for the trust and confidence reposed in him.

As the assistant to the Director, he promises to help him in expanding and improving the course offerings, creating new partnerships, and building on existing ones nationally and internationally to effectively serve our students and contribute to the social-economic development of our beloved country and the sub-region through designing and implementing professional, academic and vocational (TVET) that are internationally recognized and locally relevant.


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