‘All I did was to go and Settle a Dispute”, Chef Bojang on Jolof Rice’s Triumph in Nigeria

Chef Bojang

Armed with a gigantic dream, Chef Bojang called on the Gambia government and institutions to support Gambian chefs and their dreams. He outlined that he wants to help the Gambia to become a food tourism industry.

Amidst the traditional and long-standing debate over the origins of Jollof rice, locally called Benachin, the Gambia’s phenomenal chef, Saikou Bojang, guided the country’s Chef’s Association to a Jolof rice triumph among countries claiming to be the home of Jolof rice, said he did not go to compete but only went to settle a dispute that the Gambia is the origin of Jolof rice.

Team Gambia at the Festival in Nigeria

In the competition held in Nigeria, which was centered around the debate on the origins of the Jollof rice, The Gambia came on top when the country competed against Ghana and Nigeria in cooking four different flavors of the Jollof rice.

Chef Bojang, who studied food science and guided the country to this triumph, told The Alkamba Times that he did not go there to compete but “to settle the dispute.”

“ I didn’t go there to compete for the Jollof rice. For me, there was no competition. All I did was to go and settle a dispute, so I went there and then settled it,” the country’s chef’s association president declared.

Born in Kafuta and raised in Brikama, Chef Bojang has been regarded as a paragon for young Gambians wanting to venture into cookery.

He added that he was proud of making Gambia triumph in such a competition.

Saikou Bojang, during the competition in Nigeria, was re-elected as the Chairman of the West African Chefs Alliance and Program Director of the African Chefs Alliance.


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