Allegations of Massive Corruption in BAC: Chairman Darboe Suspends Finance Director, Others

Chairman Darboe

The Chairman of the Brikama Area Council, Yankuba Darboe, has recommended an immediate suspension of the Council’s Director of Finance for employing his son and other family members without ‘due process’ and six other Council staff on the allegations of financial irregularities.

In a memo, Yankuba alleged that Mr. Alhagie Jeng, the Director of Finance, has had many family members whom he employed on the Council’s payroll without the proper procedure, including his son, Mr. Bai Sait Jeng.

“The DFS has deliberately ensured that his son, Sulayman Jeng, and nephew, Malick Jeng, are responsible for collecting the most lucrative revenue bases of the Council, which is assigned to Sulayman Jeng. All these assignments were done without due process. Additionally, under his watch, as DFS, his brother-in-law, Omar Saidykhan, has been responsible for the withdrawals of over D5,000.00 in 2023 alone, which have not been accounted for, meaning they were withdrawals that were not backed by vouchers to justify them,” the Chairman alleged.

Mr. Sulayman Jeng, Malick Jeng, Omar Saidykhan, and Bai Sait Jeng, whom the Director of Finance employs without ‘due process,’ are alleged to have been involved in financial irregularities and thereby suspended.

The Acting Manager of License, Ebrima Jallow, has also been suspended. His son, Muhammed Ebrima Jallow, is believed to have ever been on the payroll of the Council without being a staff.

Seven other members who are alleged to have been involved in financial wrongdoing are suspended, and they are Alfusainey Colley, Binta Fatty, Buba Jabang, Famara Sanyang, Kebba Jammeh, and Momodou Lamin Saidykhan.

“Thus, I would recommend that the above persons be suspended without leave with immediate effect: Mr. Sulayman Jeng, Mr. Malick Jeng, Mr. Omar Saidykhan, Bai Sait Jeng, Ebrima Jallow, and Muhammed Ebrima Jallow. We further recommend the suspension of the Seven Revenue Collectors, pending the successful transfer of their collected data to their succeeding officers. The Director of Finance has notified the Chairman’s office that he has requested a transfer to another Municipal Council,” Yankuba Darboe recommends to the Council.”


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