Amie Joba Jobe. An Exemplary Life Gone Too Soon!

The Late Amie Joba Jobe
Tribute by: Madi Jobarteh
Join me to express heartfelt condolences to the family and friends and colleagues of this exceptional young woman Amie Jobe who left this earth forever after proudly battling a long illness. Indeed her demise leaves a huge vacuum in the world of selfless service, love for children and human decency.
Despite her long illness, Amie never lost hope nor was her spirit ever dampened! Her voice remained sharp and gentle as she was constantly lively.
I have known Amie for many years and with consistency she remained that constantly dependable, respectful, kind and willing person who cherished life and humanity.
Without doubt Amie was a well built and stout lady! Yet she was so tender, soft spoken and friendly that the phrase ‘gentle giant’ best suits none other than her. Amie was an empowered, assertive and strong lady. She was not one that any soul could bully or take advantage of. Regardless.
Amie was focused and ambitious who was a true darling of her caring and loving parents and everyone who comes close to her. She was always ready to listen in order to help, willingly and selflessly.
Amie’s commitment to her work because of her love for children was exceptional. She was always there eager to contribute to build children and protect society! At Child Protection Alliance I had seen the dedication and passion that Amie demonstrated in engaging children in her various activities.
The life of Amie was exemplary from which the young people of today can learn a lot. Indeed, though gone too young and too soon, Amie had indeed touched and added value to many lives, both young and old.
Amie was the true embodiment of happiness and liveliness. She refused to be saddened or made angry or depressed by anyone or anything! She treated everyone with the same kindness, care and love just to ensure people are always happy and comfortable.
I have lost a great friend in her indeed. To her family, colleagues and friends who did everything possible to support her and to the Child Protection Alliance and Njundu Drammeh who did all to build, empower and encourage her into a formidable servant of the people, I offer you my deepest condolences!
May the Almighty Allah grant her gentle soul eternal rest in Janatul Firdawsi. Amen


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