Armitage Class of 2003 Donates Foodstuffs Worth D52,000.00 to Armitage Senior Secondary School


The 2003 Armitage Senior Secondary School class donated food worth D52,000.00 to their alma mater. In a rousing presentation, the ACO2003, on February 2nd, presented ten bags of rice, five bags of onions, five gallons of mayonnaise (five liters), five cartons of beef luncheon meat, three cartons of sardines, eleven packets of tea bags, and five drums of 20 liters of vegetable cooking oil.

The presentation was graced by the school principal, Mr. Saikuna Sibi, senior teachers, and school students. On the side of the ex-students, Ebrima Jarra, a founding member, Ebrima B. Sinyang, and the IPRO, Ebrima FM Sanneh, were all present at the event.

The donated foodstuffs.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Jarra implored the students to be dedicated, disciplined, and more committed to their education. He advised them to emulate every good thing they see for personal and national development.

The IPRO explained the reasons for such intervention. “Armitage, as our source of knowledge, cannot be paid, but we can do what we can in our little way,” he emphasized. Such laudable ventures formed when we wanted to give back a bit to Mother Armitage. The batch contributed in their little ways, which led to purchasing these items.

On behalf of the 2003 Class, Mr. Ebrima Sanneh reiterated the need to be dutiful to oneself and the nation.

“No one owes us our progress as a nation. We owe it to ourselves. We may choose to be responsible or otherwise. We decide to be patriotic, and we may also decide to be irresponsible individuals. The way you choose will shape and guide your destiny, said Mr. Sanneh.

Mr. Ebrima B. Sinyang reminded the students of what brought them to the school.
He tasked them to plow back into the school in academics and morals. “We used to light candles to study at night, get up with empty stomachs, and sometimes sleep in the same condition, but we never relented. We continued to push the board because we wanted to be somebody, and we are somebody today,” he stressed.

Mr. Sinyang commended the school administration for allowing us to present such to the school for the students.

In his remarks, Mr. Sibi, the school’s principal, thanked the ACO2003 for contributing to the school’s upkeep. He welcomed the gestures and called on other batches to emulate them. He said the government is doing a lot for the school regarding feeding, as it supplies them with 120 bags of rice every month, but they still need support from others.

He tasked the students to take advantage of the available opportunities and translate them into academic success. He thanked the staff and students for their presence and again extended his profound gratitude to the Class of 2003.

In conclusion, Mr. Alieu Baldeh, a teacher of the school serving as the MC, also emphasized the need for the students to be respectful towards their teachers and parents and take their education seriously. He is also an ex-student of Armitage.


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