As TAT Marks One Year Today, We Say Happy Anniversary!

Celebrating one year

Today Thursday, 1st September 2022, is the first anniversary of our debut in the arena of online news and current affairs platforms managed by Gambians.

As we mark one year since our launch, we thank the Almighty for our success and achievements in the past year.

Indeed, custom requires that, as believers, we celebrate the occasion with thanksgiving and soliciting prayers for TAT to rise to higher heights.

Thus we ask you to join us and pray for the good health and sobriety of all involved so that we continue to give our esteemed readers the quality product they deserve.

We also pray that in our chosen mission of service to humanity, we continue to remain steadfast as we strive to live up to expectations as a member of the press corp in fulfilling our role as a committed watchdog on behalf of society.

Whilst we leave our readers to assess how well we have performed in the past year, on this occasion of stock-taking, it is fitting to congratulate ourselves for staying the course, despite the challenges of managing a new online venture.

We must also commend all you have worked to make our foray successful and helped to sustain the TAT, including ourselves and the staff.

Even though we are registered in The Gambia, we maintain a diverse international staff of male and female workers based in Gambia, Europe, North Africa, and the U.S.

We also hasten to thank all our supporters and fans for the increasingly favorable press ratings we enjoy as seen in the rising tide of “likes,” which we highly appreciate.

You would have noticed that we provide Gambian and international news; thus, we say to our readers, please continue to follow us and enjoy our product.

Also, please feel free to give advice on how to enrich our menu, to guide and assist TAT in whatever way feasible so as to enable us to grow and become one of the go-to online news platforms out there.

Once again, Joyous TAT Anniversary to all!


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