Banjul Advances Towards Climate Resilience with a Youth-led Climate Change Initiative

Mayor Lowe at the launch of the Initiative

By: Alieu Ceesay

Bathed in the warm sunlight of Banjul, Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe exuded pride and determination while unveiling a pioneering initiative aimed at confronting the urgent challenge of climate change. Serving as both the Mayor of Banjul and the President of the Network of Local Elected Women of Africa (REFELA), she initiated the Bloomberg Philanthropies Youth Climate Action Fund – Banjul, a venture set to revolutionize the city’s approach to environmental stewardship.

Mayor Lowe explained during the launch event that the Bloomberg Philanthropies Youth Climate Action Fund is an innovative program for youth-led and/or youth-focused organizations.

Powered by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the Bloomberg Centre for Public Innovation at Johns Hopkins University, this initiative will provide financial and technical support to our youth to address the growing concerns of environment management.”

The fund’s first phase introduces a $50,000 micro-grant program that supports climate action solutions proposed by Banjul’s youth. The initiative promises financial aid and the invaluable expertise of local and international specialists to guide and support these young changemakers.

“We encourage the youth of Banjul to take advantage of this huge opportunity,” Mayor Lowe urged. “This will provide not only financial support but technical assistance from local and international experts as well. It’s a chance for our young people to make a real, lasting environmental impact.”

Details about the project, including application prerequisites and qualification criteria, will be disseminated through the city’s social media channels in the days following the announcement. The Mayor emphasized the importance of staying informed and engaged to ensure broad participation and success.

“Updates on the project and the prerequisites for application and qualification will be uploaded to our social media pages and handled over the next few days,” she said. “I wish all the interested participants well and look forward to successfully implementing this groundbreaking initiative!”

The launch of this fund marks a significant step towards creating a safer, more resilient Banjul. Mayor Lowe’s vision for a “Banjul Safe City” is closely tied to empowering the youth and harnessing their innovative spirit to confront the challenges posed by climate change.

“One step closer to a Banjul Safe City,” she declared, hopeful and determined. “Thanks to Bloomberg Philanthropies, UCLG, and the Bloomberg Centre for Public Innovation at Johns Hopkins University for this timely initiative. With your support, we’ll harness the innovation of our youth to create a better and safer Banjul.”

As the city moves forward, Banjul’s youth stand at the forefront of this vital mission, ready to shape a sustainable future with the necessary tools and support.


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