Barrow Says He Will Order IGP To Arrest and Detain His Critics


President Adama Barrow has spoken of misuse of the democratic space in the country; consequently, his manner of governance “will change; it must be changed,” he declared on Tuesday in Wassu in rural Gambia.

Speaking in Wolof, Barrow further said there is too much disrespect for the authorities, an excess of foolish talk by his detractors, and statements made by critics to destroy “my country,” as well as the incitement of public disaffection against his government.

“Now it’s over; peace must be maintained in Gambia. Hating President Barrow does not warrant insulting people working in government. That will no longer be tolerated.

“We will talk to the IGP to arrest persons who seek to create chaos in the country and detain them.”

Speaking earlier in Bansang, Barrow, speaking in Mandinka, verbally attacked the UDP opposition leader, Ousainou Darboe, who, at a press conference, reportedly said of a creeping dictatorship and lack of democracy in The Gambia.

“…He belittled the police and said at a press conference that there is dictatorship and no democracy in the country.

“If that were the case, the police would pounce on him at his press conference, grab him, tie him up, and throw him…(in jail?)!”

Last weekend, President Barrow embarked on a tour of provincial Gambia to open new NPP regional bureaus, which he did in Bansang and Wassu.

During the tour, Barrow also officially commissioned new roads in the Niani and Saloum districts in CRR North.

It was officially announced that he is on annual leave in his native Mankamang Kunda village in the Upper River Region.

Barrow will embark, after his leave, on the annual meet-the-people tour, he announced this week to his rural audience.


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