Basse Paid Tribute to Former Regional Football President Furu Gomez

the late Joseph Furumos Gomez

By: Foday Manneh

The football enthusiasts and residents of Basse in the Upper River Region have been paying tribute to the late Joseph Furumos Gomez, the region’s Football Association’s President, after over 40 years of living in the area.

“Sir Furu,” fondly called by many, was laid to rest on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, following his death a fortnight ago.

Furu has lived in the administrative town of URR, Basse, for more than four decades and has been a household name for his active involvement in sports development.

Also famous as a businessman who operates a pharmacy that becomes the only major private drug store in the region in the early 1980s and is still in existence.

According to his life biography, Sir Furu was a one-time civil servant working with the Department of Agriculture before becoming a successful businessman in URR.

“As a city young man born in Banjul in 1952, he did all his schooling in the Greater Banjul Area before settling in Basse in 1980. He became part of society he knows very little about but earned the admiration and confidence of the society because of his kindness and services to humanity.”

“He has been a financier of many development projects including sanitary projects for schools; payment of school fees for underprivileged students, youth and sports programs.” The biography highlights.

Baa Sama Jawneh, a native of URR, while in tears, acknowledged and commended Sir Furu Gomez for his respect for equity, diversity, and social inclusion.

Jawaneh describes Furu as a humanitarian who has been very supportive of the community of Basse.

“Sir Furu came to URR with a single gas tank, a mattress, and a blanket. But today, he created employment for the young people by building hotels and operating pharmacies in Basse,’ He told Alkamba Times.

“He will tell you that it is not fair to make his wealth in URR and enjoy it with other people. He has to invest in URR itself.” Jawneh acknowledged.

While using his expertise and honesty to serve, Sir Furu’s love for sports was undoubtedly noticed across The Gambia. This earned him the Sports Personality of the Year 2014.

The Secretary General of URR Football Association, Abdourahman Barry, described his late boss as a gift to the people of URR.

“He fought for football in URR. He sponsored when no one was there to help. He organizes football tournaments and events. His death is the greatest loss to URR,” Barry added.

“He guided us. He told us we would be there one day even in his absence, and today that is felt because under his reign, we registered our first team to have ever played in the National Leagues of The Gambia.” Barry Said of the late Furu.

Sir Furu Gomez, who has now been laid to eternal rest, would be greatly missed by the football community and the entire country for his philanthropic activities.


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