BK WEST UNITED launched Football For Social Good Initiative

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BK WEST UNITED, Jarisu Talents, Girls Can Play and B4L Sports Management launched The Football For Social Good Project in Schools to sensitise students against drugs and substance abuse.

The Football For Social Good School Tour is a collaborative initiative led by BK West United in partnership with esteemed collaborators such as Jarisu Talents, B4L Sports, and Girls Can Play GCP Movement.

This multifaceted program is designed to harness the unifying power of football as a conduit for driving substantive societal transformation, particularly within the impressionable minds of our youth against drugs and substance abuse.

The initiative encompasses visits to  educational institutions and community centres in the Gambia. These visits feature a sequence of activities, including half an hour football matches coupled with interactive sessions aimed at promoting values of responsibility, social consciousness, and personal development. Participants are  engaged in freestyle challenges, with commendable performances meriting rewards such as trophies, footballs, educational resources, and sporting gear.


Football For Good School Initiative at Kafuta Upper and Senior Secondary School

Additionally, the provision of sporting equipment, including balls and jerseys, will bolster the athletic infrastructure of recipient schools, fostering an environment conducive to sporting excellence, said Alieu Sowe, Coordinator of the Project.  We believe in the concept of promoting scholarly athleticism by propagating the ethos of academic excellence in tandem with athletic prowess, thereby nurturing a generation of well-rounded individuals equipped to excel both on and off the field of play. It is important to leverage the universal appeal of football to cultivate an environment conducive to the holistic welfare of our burgeoning youth, he added.

Also speaking to The  Alkamba Times,  Baboucarr Mbaye Coordinator of B4L Youth League mentioned that Integral to the program’s efficacy is the dedicated allocation of time during each  visit for the dissemination of crucial information pertaining to prevalent societal challenges. Chief among these is the imperative to sensitize students  regarding the perils associated with contemporary social vices, including but not limited to substance abuse, absenteeism, behavioural delinquency, and etc. Recognizing the susceptibility of our youth to external influences, it is our belief that the immersive engagement facilitated by football will serve as a catalyst for inspiring virtuous conduct, academic diligence, and holistic well-being.

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