British High Commissioner expresses delight with the Conducive Learning Environment at Afrikaya Nursery School

UK High Commissioner with the School management during her visit

Harriet King, British High Commissioner to The Gambia, has expressed her admiration for the conductive learning environment created by the Trustees and management of Afrikaya Nursery School at Yundum.

She made this observation at Afrikaya Nursery School on Friday, February 2nd, 2024, expressing her resolve to contribute to the country’s education development.

“I am thrilled and impressed, especially that this is a model and self-sustaining initiative providing an excellent learning environment for the community. I am pleased that everything is good and the classes are beautifully set and managed,” British High Commissioner Harriet King said following her visit to the school.

She added, “This is a very bright community where people are passionate about education, and I’m impressed with the accomplishments achieved here so far.”

Harriet King continued to express her desire to support Afrikaya and the country’s education system, noting that she would do everything she could to give all the support needed to advance Afrikaya Nursery School.

“I’m passionate about education in The Gambia and education in general. I would support this school for the benefit of everybody. I will also engage the Minister of Education with my team to see how best we can support this school, and I will also see how to promote this school in any event we do,” Harriet King affirmed.

Sanjeen Payne and Geoff Miles, both Trustees of Afrikaya Nursery School, hailed the visit of the British High Commissioner to the school, hinting that the visit availed her the opportunity to see firsthand the works accomplished at the charity school with the view to strengthen collaboration and partnership.

They revealed that the school currently enrolled one hundred and thirty-seven (137) pupils, of whom more than seventy are on sponsorship. They added that plans are afoot to expand the school, thus giving many vulnerable Gambian children the chance to be enrolled.

The duo also expressed their appreciation to the management and staff of the school for their dedication and commitment.


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