Businessman Abubacarr Jawara Testifies in Former Top GamPetrolum Official’s Trial

Businessman Abubacarr Jawara

By: Mafugi Ceesay

The founder and owner of the GACH GLOBAL, Abubacar Jawara commenced his testimony in the economic crime trial involving former Gampetroleum General Manager, Saihou Drammeh and former GNPC Operations Manager Lamin Gassama.

The duo has denied any wrongdoing.

Testifying before a crowded court on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, Mr. Jawara explained that someone recommended the former operations manager Lamin Gassama to him during his search for a tender.

After engaging Mr. Gassama for the preparation of a tender, Jawara said the operations manager asked him to prepare a document that should be signed by the former general manager Saihou Drammeh, but after several follow-ups, the Gach global Chief said a signature couldn’t be secured from the former Gampetroleum boss.

Jawara said he later requested Mr. Drammeh’s number from Lamin Gassama.

According to Jawara, when he spoke to Mr. Drammeh about his tender document, Drammeh confirmed the said document is on his desk and will be signed and sent back to him.

The CEO of GACH GLOBAL told the court that after the receipt of the said tender document from Mr. Drammeh he filed and presented it an hour before the expiry of the deadline and was awarded the contract, which he competed for with one businessman who expressed interest.

According to Jawara, fuel prices were increased by the Gambia government as soon as his tender was granted leaving him in dilemma.

Jawara informed the court that Mr. Drammeh later visited him at his office and introduced a Senegalese businessman to him.

The Gach global CEO said Saihou Drammeh urged the said Senegalese to help him since he was new in the business and was not familiar with certain operations.

Mr. Jawara further told the court that he also informed Saihou Drammeh that Kadijatou Kebbeh will be dealing with them on his behalf as he frequently travels abroad.

The GACH CEO submitted his tender document before the court which admitted and marked it as exhibit P72.

The Presiding Judge, Justice Haddy Roche consequently adjourned the case to Thursday, June 9 for the continuation of Jawara’s testimony.


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