Capturing Breathtaking Moments Through Camera: Meet ML Bah, A Phenomenal Photographer

Modou Lamin Bah is one of the finest creative young photographers in the country with a unique style of photography, exposing the country's beautiful landscapes.

From Jarra Soma to Brikama, driven by an insatiable appetite, knack for creativity, and astute imagination in telling visual stories through the lenses of a camera, Modou Lamin Bah is one of the finest creative young photographers in the country with a unique style of photography, exposing the country’s beautiful landscapes.

Young but bright, talented, passionate, ambitious, and innovative, 25-year-old Modou Lamin Bah finds joy in preserving breathtaking beauty and moments through his work as an astute photographer, videographer, and drone pilot.

One of ML’s works went viral on social media, capturing Westfield by night using a drone Camera.

When ML Bah went to secondary school, he aspired to study computer science. However, due to financial constraints, the path to becoming a computer scientist becomes slippery for the young, ambitious man who will create a niche for himself as a phenomenal young, creative photographer.

“Later in life, I discovered my true passion for photography and videography, which has since become my chosen profession,” he explained to The Alkamba Times how his dream shifted from pursuing a computer science degree to a career in digital photography.

Another breathtaking photo of ML Bah

According to the youngster, a shift in dreams and career has had a vast and profound impact on his life. It enriches his life experiences for self-expression.

“Photography has had a significant impact on my life. It has become my profession and a source of creative fulfillment and personal growth. Through photography, I’ve captured meaningful moments, told stories, and connected with people uniquely. It has enriched my life with new experiences and opportunities for self-expression,” he told TAT.

The young photographer recently stunned Gambians by capturing captivating landscapes of Westfield at night and scenes at the Bakau fish market.

“One particularly notable capture was of Westfield, which gained attention and trended on Twitter, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of the location through my lens,” the creative young photographer said.

Despite his knack and indomitable passion for capturing alluring images and moments, ML Bah faces challenges as a young entrepreneur, preventing him from becoming the person he wants to be in his craft. He told this medium his challenges.

“As a young photographer running Ambo Studio in the Gambia, I encounter several challenges. Limited access to high-quality equipment and securing contracts from NGOs and parastatals are significant hurdles. Networking within the industry and ensuring copyright protection are also areas of concern. However, I am determined to overcome these challenges through creativity, hard work, and a dedication to honing my skills. Building a strong portfolio, forging valuable connections, and seeking guidance on copyright protection are steps I’m taking to navigate these obstacles and grow as a photographer.”

ML Bah is incredibly passionate about what he does. His appetite for capturing breathtaking moments is still ongoing. He desires to continue honing his skills, expanding his range, and making a meaningful impact through his creative work.

He told The Alkamba Times that part of his dream is to work with Gambian music superstar sensational rapper ST Brikama Boyo. He said working with multiple award-winning artists would be a dream come true for him.

He runs Ambo Studio, specializing in photo and videography, content creation, and graphic design.

A young, creative, ambitious creative mind, if ML Bah is supported, his works can significantly impact the industry’s growth.

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