CBG Governor Refuses to Share Content of a Flash-drive Allegedly Containing Vital Info on the D11.1 Million Bribery  Scandal

Buah Saidy, CGB Governor

Bauh Saidy, Governor of Central Bank of the Gambia has vehemently declined to share the contents of a flash drive linked to the D11.1 million bribery allegations and the D155million mutilated banknotes supposedly to be changed into new banknotes.

On Wednesday 23rd February 2022, the Central Bank of the Gambia held a press conference to disassociate itself and staff to have any link to the D11.1million bribery scandal that was unraveled by TAT on the 16th of February, 2022.

This medium received credible pieces of information from sources within the Central Bank that the flash-drive contains all the communications and correspondences, that occurred between Ansumana Bah, an alleged owner of the D155million mutilated banknotes, and Abdou Ceesay, the alleged recipient of the D11.1million bribe on behalf of eighteen other Central Bank staff and two IMF officials.

Our investigations disclosed that the flash-drive was handed over to the Deputy Governor of Central Bank, Basaikou Jabbie by Lawyer Lamin Ceesay, of the Solie Law Chambers, representative of Ansumana Bah, and it contained the records of telephone calls and texts, records of WhatsApp calls, texts and audios, records of messenger messages and email correspondences.

“We (Central Bank of the Gambia) cannot give you this flash-drive because the investigations are still on and it is with the Police. We have listened to it here and the Board Committee investigating this also needs to have access to it” CBG Governor  said as he declined the request of Alkamba Times.

He added: “If I give you this (flash-drive) you will now stain the investigations process this is why we cannot give it to you. The investigation is going on in the Central Bank and the Police, it is evidence so we cannot give it to you.”

On Alkamba’s request for the content of the flash drive to be known to the public, Governor Bauh Saidy persisted again that the content of the flash drive cannot be given out to the press.

“If I shared this to the media some of the people involved are still at large and they can use this to defend themselves or used it against the accused. This is why we cannot give it out because it makes sense to give this to the press,” CBG Governor submitted.

However, immediately after the press conference, one of our sources at the reserve Bank told TAT that Governor Saidy’s hands have been tied because of the involvement of some of his closest buddies in the scandal.

According to the source, the alleged recipient of the bribery Abdou Ceesay shares a close relationship with Governor Bauh Saidy who approved his transfer to the currency department, revealing that some of the staff who have served many years at the currency department have been moved to other departments to give ways to Abdou Ceesay and other close buddies of Governor Saidy.

The Alkamba Times will continue to dig deep into this scandal to unravel what happened at the country apex bank as both the Central Bank of the Gambia and the Gambia Police Forces continue with their investigations.


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