Chairman Jawara Returns to Work Late Monday as Councilors divided over His Mandate

Saihou Jawara

By: Kebba Ansu Manneh

Kuntaur Area Council has confirmed that its embattled Chairman, Saihou Jawara, reported to work late on Monday afternoon accompanied by his Vice Chairman, Musa Bah.

One source told TAT that councilors are divided over the Chairman’s Mandate for his overstay in the US after Vice Chairman Musa Bah refused to serve the 30 January 2024 Council resolution to stakeholders.

“I can confirm that the Chairman reported to the Council around 3 pm shortly before the close of work. He came along with the Vice Chairman, Musa Bah, but I cannot confirm whether he attended to any Council business during the brief period he spent at the council,” an Insider disclosed to TAT.

One of the Councillors confirmed to TAT that there was no General Council Meeting, as the Vice Chairman had earlier suggested. 

The Councilors are divided over his Mandate, with Some ruling NPP and NRP councilors supporting the Chairman’s return to work, while most opposition Councilors still insist that the resolution passed on 30 January 2024 be maintained.

TAT also spoke with the Councilor of Banni Ward, Sorrie Darboe, who also confirmed the presence of Chairman Jawara at Council but expressed his disappointment to the Vice Chairman of the Council for not honoring the agreement of the General Council resolution on the fate of Chairman Jawara.

He disclosed to TAT that the General Council has instructed the Vice Chairman to write and notify all stakeholders of the vacancy of the Chairman’s seat if Saihou Jawara fails to report to work by 31 January 2024, arguing that Chairman Jawara has deliberately absent himself from work for more than the local government Act requirement of three months.

Banni Ward Councilor warned that if Chairman Jawara is allowed by Councilors to resume work at the Council, it will set a bad precedence for the region.

He urged his fellow councilors to set an example for Chairman Jawara so that no other regional chairman would dare take the same route as Chairman Jawara.

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