Chaos at the Gambian Embassy in Mauritania as new Gambian Deputy Ambassador Appointment Sparks Controversy

Saikouba Jarju, the newly appointed Deputy Ambassador

By: Kebba Ansu Manneh

The appointment of Hon. Saikouba Jarjue as the new Deputy Ambassador to Mauritania has stirred up a storm of controversy. Current Deputy Ambassador Jerry Jammeh has adamantly refused to hand over the position, according to sources close to The Gambian Embassy, adding a layer of uncertainty to the situation.

According to a source close to the Embassy, the development happened shortly after Ambassador Shiekh Omar Faye delivered a tense sermon on April 16th, 2024, announcing Hon. Saikou Jarjue as the new Deputy Ambassador.

Jerry Jammeh, the Deputy Ambassador, requested a copy of the purported letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but the Ambassador refused to show him the letter. He was later given an ultimatum to hand over by April 22nd, 2024.

“I can confirm that on Monday, April 16th, a meeting was convened at the Ambassador’s office, chaired by Ambassador Shiekh Omar Faye, and present were Saikouba Jarju, Jerreh Jammeh, Lamin Secka (new consular), and Foday Drammeh (new finance officer). In that meeting, a purported letter claimed to come from the foreign ministry and signed by Ansumana Badgie was read by Ambassador Faye instructing deputy ambassador Jerreh Jammeh to hand his position to Saikouba Jarju as the new deputy ambassador,” our source revealed.

Ambassador Shiekh Omar Faye

The source added: “Deputy Ambassador Jammeh, in reply, requested to get the copy of the letter and also enquire why the letter was not addressed to him directly but through Saikouba Jarju. However, the Ambassador rejected the request for a copy of the letter and instructed that Deputy Ambassador Jerry Jammeh must fast-track the process of handing over on or before April 22nd, and further instructed all staff to deal with Saikouba Jarju as the new deputy ambassador for all staff matters.”

The source emphasized that tensions are high at the Gambian Embassy in Mauritania. Deputy Ambassador Jerry Jammeh refused to hand over without a copy of the purported letter or an instruction from the foreign affairs ministry in Banjul. This development has left many local staff feeling uneasy, fearing reprisals from the new deputy ambassador, who has accused several local staff members of being opposition supporters.

A source close to Gambian Associations in Mauritania confirmed the ongoing struggles at the Gambian Embassy, noting that the Embassy has faced numerous challenges since Saikouba Jarju joined as a Consular officer.

TAT tried to speak with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over the weekend to gather updates, but our efforts proved futile when we went to the press.


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