Chef Bojang resigned as President of the Chef Association of Gambia

Chef Bojang

The Award-Winning International Gambian Chef Saikou Bojang, renowned for his culinary expertise, has tendered his resignation as the Chef Association of Gambia President over concerns of overstaying his two-term mandate as stipulated in the association constitution. 

Sources told TAT that Chef Bojang prevailed on the Association to go to Congress after his two-term mandate expired, but it failed to heed his call, resulting in his resignation.

“With a sense of responsibility, I am bringing to your attention the resignation of our Association’s President, Chef Bojang, who cited concerns about overstaying the designated term limit.

The commitment to upholding democratic principles and respecting term limits is fundamental to the proper functioning of any organization, including ours. Chef Bojang has taken this step in the best interest of the Association and its members,” a letter sent to the Association by its public relations officer, Maimuna Dibba, informing them of the President’s resignation and seen by TAT noted. 

TAT contacted Chef Bojang, who confirmed his resignation on moral and professional grounds. He cited the Association’s unwillingness to uphold its constitution after calling for new elections upon the expiration of his term.

“I would appreciate it if everyone could respect my decision, and we look forward to the betterment of the Association; we have great chefs amongst us who could do better than me. Also, it’s very unconstitutional. I can no longer take up the responsibility and can’t perform to the expectations. Let’s see change, and may change be the best,” He said. 

 “I came to the chef association when it was dormant and unknown by many. There were a few chef clubs, and I was able to bring them all together,” Chef Bojang said. 

Saikou Bojang, the maestro behind Spice Hub, has many prestigious awards, including the 100 most influential chefs in Africa. Bojang, renowned for his culinary expertise, gained prominence by clinching the Best Jollof Rice Recipe Creator title in 2023, triumphing over a cadre of skilled chefs.

Bojang’s unwavering dedication has garnered him national and international recognition, including serving as the President of the Gambia Chefs Association for two terms, Chairman of the West African Chefs Alliance, Director of Program for the African Chef Alliance, member of the Board of Directors for the African Chefs Alliance, Ambassador of Gastronomy in The Gambia, Creator of the Best Jollof Rice Recipe 2023, CEO of Spice Hub by Chef Bojang, and being awarded the Best Coach for Young Chefs in 2022.

” I led my team for the first time to the West African food festival and competition in Ghana, and we won all the prestigious awards. In 2020, I became the ambassador of Gastronomy in The Gambia. In 2021, I led my team to Liberia, where we won two trophies in pastry and bakery; in 2022, I led my team to Ghana for WAFfest, and my team won second place. I was awarded the Most Outstanding Coach of the Year,” the Chef said about some of his achievements as President of the Chef Association. 


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