Clarification on the Standard Newspaper Article “Ex-Finance Minister Tells Assembly to Investigate OP Over ‘Missing’ D669M”


The Office of the President informs the public that the headline “Ex-Finance Minister tells Assembly to Investigate OP over ‘Missing’ D669” on the front page of the Standard Newspaper on Tuesday, 26th April 2022 is misleading.

The Ex-Finance Minister, Honourable Amadou Sanneh, is aware that the D669 million mentioned in the Audit Report of 2017 was an expenditure in 2016 when the Barrow government was not in office.

The National Audit Office has established that the amount in question was withdrawn in 2016 before President Adama Barrow came into office. The Audit report published recently in 2022 is a result of an audit exercise conducted in 2017.

The Barrow administration is committed to combatting corruption and will investigate any misappropriation of public funds. H.E. Adama Barrow is committed to holding public institutions, including the Office of the President, accountable.


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