Commission of Inquiry- ‘ An Embarrassing Expedition for Gov’t’- UDP Kemo Bojang

United Democratic Party national youth Secretary General, Hon. Kemo Bojang

By: Foday Manneh

Notable young Gambian politician and Kanifing Municipal Council youth councilor Kemo Bojang say the setting of a commission of inquiry into the dealings of the Local Governments by the government will turn out to be an embarrassing journey as in previous probes.

Last week, the government of the Gambia announced the formation of a commission of inquiry into all local government councils in the Gambia, particularly on the circumstances of loans acquired by boards between May 2018 to January 2023, to assess their execution and whether procedures were followed in developing the said loans.

The five-member panel is expected to submit its report in three months.

“It will be an embarrassing expedition for them like the first one,” Kemo Bojang said. “We are clean as whistles, and our work has shown where we have invested the people’s wealth.”

“If we cannot add to the coffers of the poor, we would not take from them. This is not the first time we have been accused of corruption, but we have always come out on top, and we are sure it will be no different this time again,” said the KMC youth councilor.

Bojang also described the commission as a “witch-hunting” trail but has trust in the Gambian people.

“It is a witch hunt, and every Gambian knows this. Are we worried for ourselves? No! Are we worried for the Gambia? Yes!” he said.

“Leading to elections, President Barrow and his lot will do all they can to taint us because UDP is the incumbent in Local Government, but to the Gambian people, this is not a UDP fight as I have always said, this is the fight to keep our struggling democracy on its feet,” Bojang stated.


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