Digital Cooperation Organization announces the launch of the Digital Prosperity Awards

Ms. Deemah AlYahya, the Secretary-General of the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO)

  • Prestigious global flagship award recognizes the most outstanding digital contributions in enabling prosperity for all
  • Calling for entries from international public, private, and civil society sectors

Global, August 14, 2023 – The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) today announces the launch of the highly anticipated Digital Prosperity Awards to honor and celebrate the remarkable digital contributions that enable prosperity for all, particularly in advancing the digital economy, which has a critical role in boosting nations’ development and growth.

The Digital Prosperity Awards are structured around three core pillars and each pillar is bestowed in individual award categories, each representing a crucial aspect of digital advancement:

Digital Innovation:

  • An award for recognizing outstanding initiatives that leveraged disruptive technology solutions to drive significant positive change and advancement.

Digital Transformation:

  • An award for acknowledging exemplary efforts in utilizing digital technologies to enhance decision-making processes, fostering progress and prosperity.
  • An award for celebrating exceptional cooperation endeavors leveraging digital solutions to drive progress and prosperity.

Empowering Society:

  • An award for honoring exemplary initiatives that demonstrate ethical practices and principles in utilizing digital technologies for societal advancement and prosperity.
  • An award recognizing outstanding contributions in leveraging digital innovations to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability for a prosperous future.

“The launch of the Digital Prosperity Awards is a significant milestone in recognizing outstanding digital contributions of the organizations that enable prosperity for all”, said Ms. Deemah AlYahya, the Secretary-General of the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO). “We are looking forward to identifying the best digital innovators from the DCO’s Member States and worldwide that benefit humankind.”

Ms. AlYahya added, “The awards aim to acknowledge exceptional initiatives in adopting best practices, policies, and strategies to accelerate digital transformation in their respective countries. The objective is to accelerate digital economic advancement and lay the groundwork for constructive cooperation, cultivating shared vision and aspirations among all stakeholders. The awards reinforce the role of the DCO as an information provide, advocator, facilitator, and advisor, speeding up the sustainable growth of the digital economy and digital transformation of Member States, further strengthening the welfare, social stability, and cooperation to achieve digital prosperity for all.”

A large and varied technical committee and judging panel of impartial global leaders, innovators, and technical specialists will thoroughly assess the strongest entrants and nominees based on their initiatives tackling local, regional, or global challenges in all economic sectors, fostering a more inclusive and digitally advanced world through cooperation and innovation.

In each category, there will be a winner from the public sector and another from the private sector or civil society, both exclusively representing DCO Member States. Those victorious from the private sector or civil society will be eligible for the DCO Member Prize for Digital Prosperity for All. Additionally, there will be one finalist from global civil society for each category which is open to nominations from the public, and the ultimate recipient will be handed the DCO International Prize for Digital Prosperity for All.

To learn more about the award categories and the nomination process and submit or nominate a project, please visit the official Digital Prosperity Awards website at

 About the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO)

The DCO is a global multilateral organization founded in November 2020 that aims to enable digital prosperity for all by accelerating the inclusive growth of the digital economy. The DCO brings together the Ministries of Communications and IT of 13 nations – Bahrain, Cyprus, Djibouti, The Gambia, Ghana, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Oman, Nigeria, Rwanda, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. – that collectively represent nearly $2 trillion in GDP and a market of nearly 600 million people, more than 70% of whom are under the age of 35.

The DCO is focused on empowering youth, women, and entrepreneurs, leveraging the accelerative power of the digital economy, and leapfrogging with innovation to drive economic growth and increase social prosperity. Through cooperation, dialogue, and the creation of mutually advantageous cross-border legislation, we seek to establish within our member nations the optimal infrastructure and policies for the rapid creation of inclusive and equitable digital economies within which all people, businesses, and societies can innovate and thrive.

In pursuit of our members’ common interests – for example, in the areas of digital skills training, data protection, intellectual copyright, regulation, taxation, and entrepreneurship – the DCO works collaboratively with governments, the private sector, international organizations, NGOs and civil society to enable more inclusive digital transformation and the growth of digital industries.

The DCO’s key initiatives include programs to enhance cross-border data flows, promote market expansion for SMEs, empower digital entrepreneurs and advance digital inclusion among women and youth, and other underrepresented populations.

More information about DCO can be found at

For media enquiries, please contact

A press pack with the Secretary-General’s bio, logos and high resolution images can be found at

The Digital Prosperity Awards celebrate global contributions which empower governments, businesses, and communities to collaborate and accelerate digital economic advancement. It will promote projects and organizations embracing digital innovation, whilst doing good for the local and global community to bridge the digital divide. Public, private, and civil society sector organizations can be nominated for or enter an award that will reward their significant contribution to the digital economy of their country, whilst providing a platform for international support and recognition.

To learn more about Digital Prosperity Awards, visit


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