Diha Releases Blue Jays EP Project


Senegambian Female Singer Diha held a Press Conference to inform the media and fans about her upcoming musical projects.

Briefing the press on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, the rising star said a listening Party for the Blue Jays EP produced by various music producers in the Gambia and abroad is slated for October 21 at Club LAVA.

Diha is back in the Gambia to promote her art after spending years in the Senegalese music industry working with Bouba Ndour, the brother of famous Senegalese Super Star Youssou Ndour.

Underscoring the need to particularly support female artists, Diha said the industry brings both opportunities and fake promises, saying female musician’s in the music industry benefit very little compared to male artists.

She further informed Journalists that the EP songs would be distributed to the market for promotion and business-related activities.

” I am finally back in the Gambia to promote my musical projects after spending years working with music stakeholders in Senegal. Unfortunately, things did not work well as expected, but I have started producing good songs for the EP titled ‘Blue Jays.'”

The EP includes songs such as; Time Bi Jotna Ft Attack, Mama, Chérie, Yalla Nyew Bolleh, Fake Love, and Visuals set to be in the market soon”, She said.

A few years ago, the Singer produced a popular song called ”Taling Taling” making hits waves globally as the song became a fan favorite hugely loved by audiences.

Haddy Trawally, commonly known as Diha, is the daughter of an immigrant father from Tambacounda, Senegal, and a Gambian Mother from Basse. She was born across the border in Tambacounda and, at five (5), moved with her mother to settle in the Gambia.

Music was a natural passion for the Singer, and her love and Admiration for the art blossomed from an early age.

At the tender age of twelve (12), she ventured into self-discovery within the music arena.

Her musical inspiration comes from different sources. Gambian icons, including Sambou Suso, American Artist Whitney Houston, and Senegalese singer Vivian Chidi greatly influence her music.


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