Down-Time Internet Communication for Gamcel Customers In CRR


Customers using Gamcel sim-cards for internet browsing are experiencing the hardest times in some parts of the Central River Region, resulting in real-time loss and extra cost for users of the nation’s cellular company.

Many subscribers around the rural town of Kaur have expressed their frustrations regarding the status quo to this medium, alleging that the national GSM company has removed one of its generators stationed at Ngain Sanjal village for the Kombos leading to the outrage of internet communications in the area.

One distraught customer who has been using the Gamcel line for the past 7 years has expressed his disappointment regarding the situation, revealing that since the end of October 2021, customers have not been able to use Gamcel internet services.

“I am very disappointed since October last year Gamcel cannot fix our problem. This is the nation’s Cellular Company that should be the champion as far as an internet connection is concerned for the rural people, but unfortunately, they are not doing this,” the distraught customer told TAT.

According to him, customers have forwarded their complaints to the company but to no avail, alleging that one of Gamcel’s generators stationed at Ngain Sangal has been removed and moved to Kombo.

This medium also spoke to one Senior Secondary School Teacher working at Kaur Senior Secondary School who confirmed the situation, disclosing that Gamcel was his main internet browsing line but has now removed the sim card from his phone in place of another GSM Sim card.

“Since the end of October, we have been living in this situation without any redress by Gamel. We have sent a lot of complaints to them through their customer services and their office in this area to no avail,” he said.

This medium gathered that the same situation has been affecting most communities from Njain Sanjal in North Bank Region (NBR) to Wassu in the Central River Region (CRR) from October to date.

Foday Fofana, an employee of Gamcel responsible for operations around the area has denied the removal of a generator from Njain Sanjal to the Kombos by Gamtel, noting that material for the restoration of services has already been procured and very soon the situation will come back to normal.

Fofana could not disclose the root cause of the internet downtime for the people of Kaur and its surroundings.

In a similar development, our reporter currently in the provinces has been experiencing poor internet connection, prompting him to send a formal complaint to Africell regarding the slow internet connection in the area.

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