Embracing Collective Responsibility: President Barrow Calls for Safeguarding Gambia’s Natural Resources

President Barrow

By Alieu Ceesay

President Adama Barrow has called on Gambians to collectively preserve and safeguard the nation’s resources, emphasizing the need for shared ownership of The Gambia’s destiny.

“We, the Gambian citizens, collectively own the country, and we are responsible for taking charge of it,” the Gambian leader said at the third session of the National Dialogue at the Sir Dawda Jawara Kairaba Conference Centre on February 16, 2024.

The ongoing dialogue, themed “Preserving the Nation, safeguarding the State and securing our resources,” aims to foster unity among citizens.

President Barrow urged for true democratic spirit in the proceedings, emphasizing contribution to the nation’s progress guided by patriotism, knowledge, experience, and sincerity.

“As citizens, we have an equal stake in the country’s affairs and should keenly participate in such activities. With this in mind, I do not intend to influence the dialogue’s trend but to set the stage and tone of the following deliberations. In doing this, I will focus on the dialogue’s context, justification, and expected outcomes.”

Chief Justice Hassan B Jallow underscored the importance of a continuous dialogue process, advocating for a thorough review of laws through the Law Review Commission.

He stressed the need for a new constitutional framework that promises better governance for the nation.

“We must intensify our efforts to review our laws through the law review commission to make them more relevant and responsive to our challenges and aspirations.”

Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the Speaker of the National Assembly, said:
” We must not give up on our goal of putting in place a new constitutional framework that promises better governance for our nation. As we head to our 59th anniversary, citizens should reflect on the success and challenges we face as a country.”

Stressing the significance of dialogue as a democratic principle, Jatta highlighted its role in giving people a voice and providing a space for their participation in national affairs.

The call for collective responsibility resonates as a pivotal moment for Gambians to actively engage in preserving their nation, safeguarding the state, and securing the invaluable resources that shape the destiny of The Gambia.

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