Families seek legal action for an ECOMIG crash that killed two loved ones

The aftermath of crash that killed the two young boys and caused by drunken ECOMIG Driver

By: Alieu Ceesay 

It has been three long years since the heart-wrenching incident that took the lives of two young boys and left four others hospitalized. Despite the passage of time, the families affected by this tragic event continue to seek justice and closure.

Following a fatal road incident in 2021, attention has been drawn to the driver of an ECOMIG vehicle, who is alleged to have been driving while intoxicated, leading to fingers being pointed at him as the cause of the tragedy.

The accident, which claimed the lives of two boys, Mamadou K Bah, and Kemo Sanneh, and left four others hospitalized, continues to haunt the families involved. According to one courageous family member, the accident occurred as six boys were riding on a tricycle from Roundabout towards Yundum in the West Coast Region of the Gambia.

Recounting the harrowing experience, he explained, “The tragic incident occurred when they were struck by an ECOMIG drunk driver on a mission in The Gambia, driving from the Coastal Road end.” 

In their pursuit of justice, these grieving families have appealed to the government and other relevant authorities for support. They stress the importance of comprehensive assistance for the survivors as they strive to recover from the trauma of the accident. Additionally, they emphasize the need for support and guidance for the families of the deceased boys during this difficult time. 

“It is imperative that the authorities provide comprehensive assistance to the survivors as they recover from this traumatic event. Additionally, the families of the deceased boys require support and guidance during this difficult time.” 

Despite the passage of years, these families remain resolute in their demand for justice. “I urge the government to thoroughly investigate the circumstances of this accident and take necessary measures to prevent such tragedies in the future,” pleads one family member. 


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