Fass Njaga Choi Amed Robbery: Nuimi hands call for urgent Investigations, tighter security measures

President of Nuimi Hands, Alpha MK Lowe

By: Foday Manneh

In the wake of Sunday morning armed robbery attack in Fass Njaga Choi resulted in the cause of injury of one Corporal Lamin Jammeh and two other civilians, Nuimi Hands, a constituency-based youth organization, has called on the government to investigate the incident with immediate effect thoroughly.

In an interview with TAT, the President of Nuimi Hands, Alpha MK Lowe, deplored this unfortunate incident and said the young people of Nuimi, through his organization, are concerned and worried about the safety and security of their people as well as their properties.

He, therefore, called for a thorough police investigation into the matter and advised a strategy for improved safety and security in the area.

“The matter must be thoroughly investigated with urgency and culprits be brought to book,” the President of the Niumi Hands, Alpha MK Lowe, told this medium.

He added: “We are deeply concerned and worried about the security and safety of our people and their properties. Most of our villages are along the borderline, and the security of our residents is of great concern to us.”

President Lowe contested that it was more worrying that the suspected robbers could attack, wound a police officer with a duty gun, loot a shop, and make away with the stolen items and some unknown cash amount.

He said something was fundamentally wrong and that they needed swift government intervention to provide their people with security. ‘The suspected robbers should be tracked down and arraigned before a court of law.’

He recommended improving the human and material resource capacity of the Police in Amdali, Ndungu Kebba, and Barra police stations, as well as the military base in Njingon.

He also stated that a constant night patrol in Fass Njaga Choi and all borderline villages will significantly enhance the peace and security of their people and ensure complete protection of their hard-earned properties.

“We implore the National Assembly, particularly the Sub-committee on security matters, to always factor this in the budget on security,” Nuimi Hands President appealed.

Mr. Lowe also urged the Police to collaborate with the military base in Njongon to mount joint night checkpoints with personnel armed to the teeth at strategic locations along borderline communities to restore hope and confidence in the security outfits.

“We also need a toll-free number to be provided and popularised among residents of Niumi to report any suspected case or incident,” Lowe recommended.


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