Fatima Muloshi is the new acting CEO of the Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce


The Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce has announced the appointment of youth leader Fatima Muloshi as the newly appointed Acting CEO of GYCC.

According to the group, Fatima brings a wealth of expertise and a dynamic background that aligns perfectly with our vision.

Fatima holds a BSC in Accounting and Finance from the American International University West Africa and is an astute academic and multifaceted entrepreneur. Her ventures span various domains, from graphic design and printing to owning a Modest Modeling Agency and retailing outfits.

“Beyond her academic pursuits, Fatima’s passion for diplomacy is evident. Her participation in Diplomacy programs and attendance at esteemed events like the International Youth Diplomacy Conference in Accra, Ghana, and the BigSister Women Empowerment Show in Freetown, Sierra Leone, highlights her commitment to global engagement,” the group said in a statement announcing the appointment.

Fatima has tirelessly championed causes close to her heart throughout her journey, notably focusing on human rights and youth empowerment. Her dedication led her to actively contribute to organizations like Linet Global and Forward For Youth, where she volunteered in various leadership capacities.

In 2020, her Modest Modeling Agency received accolades from the Fashion Awards Gambia, recognizing it as one of the Best Fashion Events of the Year. Fatima’s vision extends beyond accolades; she aims to harness the fashion industry’s potential as a catalyst for positive societal change, particularly in empowering women through entrepreneurship and skill development.

Her remarkable achievements were duly acknowledged when honored with the prestigious Youth of the Year award for 2021/2022.

“With Fatima at the helm, we are excited about the innovation and leadership she will bring to GYCC. Join us in welcoming Fatima Muloshi as our Acting CEO and supporting her in shaping a brighter future for our organization and the communities we serve”.

Reacting to her appointment, Fatima told TAT:

“Alhamdulilah, Thank you, Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce for the trust. Anything for the Youths, without the youths, is not for the youths. Being appointed CEO shocked me as I wondered what I had done to deserve this. Keep doing you and focus on your progress as people watch everything you do; celebrate yourself as much as possible. And the opportunities will knock at your doors. It’s high time all the youths unite to take charge and be responsible for their growth. Together, we will positively impact the Nation and world at large. I am humbled and grateful.”


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