Feared Police Anti-Crime Unit Accuse of rights violations Celebrates 5th Anniversary


On Thursday, the Anti-Crime Unit of the Gambia Police Force, usually accused by citizens of human rights violations, celebrated its 5th anniversary at an event presided over by Momodou Sowe, the Deputy Inspector General of Police and senior officials from the security and public sector, at its headquarters in Banjulinding.

As the name “Anti-Crime Unit”; implies, this Unit of the Gambia Police Force was created in 2018 by the Police Command to help curb all forms of criminal activities in the country.

The event was presided over by Momodou Sowe, the Deputy Inspector General of Police.

As part of celebrating five years of existence, officers conducted a simulation exercise displaying their martial arts skills, a tactical demonstration on the arrest of an aggressive individual, and VIP Protection, among others, clearly impressing the spectators.

The Unit is highly commended for its achievements in arresting, detaining, and prosecuting suspected criminals but, in some cases, accused of human rights violations.

Proud of his Unit’s successes, despite the challenges, Momodou Sowe, the Commissioner of the Anti-Crime Unit of the Police, commended his men and women for the sacrifice, despite having come under attack in the course of duty, including the arson attack on the home of its former Commissioner Gorgi Mboob in Ebo Town, over allegations of his heavy-handedness.

In its ongoing expansion drive, the Unit has opened another operation unit based at the Kotu Police Station, as many more communities demand the presence of an Anti-Crime Unit to patrol their communities.

Essa Bokar Sey, the deputy CEO of OIC Gambia Secretariat, who doubles as the Ambassador of the Anti-Crime Unit, expressed satisfaction with the skills manifested by the Unit.

He emphasized the importance of respect for the law. Momodou Sowe, Deputy Inspector General Of Police, said the Unit’s objective is to sustain peace and security.

Speakers at the event urged the public to embrace the Unit and complement their work for the safety of all rather than vilifying them.

Certificates were issued to individuals and institutions, including Essa Bokar Sey, the Ambassador of the Anti-Crime Unit; Lamin Fatty, Head of the Child Protection Alliance, and The Gambia Armed Forces, State Intelligence Service, in recognition of their support to the Unit since its inception.


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